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To contact Gary, call 850-656-5758.

A Renaissance astrologer, who is compiling a list of points to
make after completing a square birth chart for one of his patrons In an earlier lifetime, Gary was much like this Renaissance astrologer, who is compiling a list of points to make after completing an astrological chart in traditional square format for one of his patrons.  He wears a cap and a full-length cape because dwellings were drafty and not well insulated.  Like Gary, this astrologer/astronomer is surrounded by reference books and work implements of his time, such as the celestial globe beside him.  Today, Gary's prime work implements are his computer and his astrology software.

Gary's Current Limited Availability
If Gary is available to answer your call, it will be during the hours of 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM Eastern Time Zone, Monday - Friday.  This year has turned out to be the busiest year of his life, partly because his lifestyle is about to radically change from living in a house to living in an RV (Recreational Vehicle) and touring the U.S.A. (read about this change), so his time for clients is presently very limited.  During September and October 2013, Gary is scheduling only repeat clients who have some urgent issue that cannot wait until November or December.  He is not taking new clients until December.  Please do not expect an immediate reply to your phone call.  Gary will try to return your call within 48 hours, but it could take longer.  His priority right now must be on readying the RV for travel, moving into it, and moving out of the house.  Until further notice, payments for appointments are due in advance (see Fees and Methods of Payment.

PLEASE NOTE:  Gary has closed his P.O. Box so do not send any mail to that address!

If You Reach Gary's Voicemail
If Gary is unable to take your call, his voicemail will answer.  Please repeat your name and phone number (in case interference or a weak signal prevents him from understanding them the first time) and leave a good time of day for him to return your call.  If there is another phone number at which you can be reached, please also include that in your message.  When Gary returns your call, he will be using his Google Voice account, which has a different phone number.  If you are unable to answer your phone, DO NOT use the "redial" feature on your phone when you call him back.  Instead, call him at 850-656-5758.  If you hit redial, he may not receive your call at all.

Why There is No E-mail Address on this Site!
The reason for no e-mail is because Gary invariably needs to speak with you when you schedule your appointment.  He needs specific information about your expectations and what you want out of your session.  In most cases, Gary needs to clarify, through a conversation with you, exactly what you want.  If your time of birth is approximate, on the hour, or on the half-hour, Gary will want to know the details of where you obtained it and, if a more exact time is not possible to obtain, he will inform you about the limitations of the work he can perform with an unknown or unconfirmed time of birth.  Other reasons that Gary prefers that you call him rather than request an appointment or contact him by e-mail are:  (1) it is much easier to arrive at a mutually agreeable appointment time on the phone than via e-mail exchanges, (2) he will give you his address and the cost of your session so that you can send him your payment, (3) any questions you have about the session are more easily answered or clarified on the phone, and (4) you can provide any background information about your situation (and Gary can ask you clarifying questions) that will allow him to devote more of your session to addressing your specific concerns.

About Your Appointment
If you desire, Gary can call you at the time of your appointment but please tell him if you want him to call you.  Otherwise, he will expect you to call him.  You will derive the most benefit from your session if you prepare a brief list of issues or questions you want addressed.  You may give these to Gary when you schedule your appointment or at the beginning of your appointment.  A digital voice recording will be made of your appointment for your future reference, if you wish.  If you have a PC, Gary will e-mail the recording of your session to you.  Then you can download and play it on your computer.  If you have a "Mac" (Apple) computer, please tell Gary in advance because he will have to break your session into two separate recordings, then he must convert them into a different file format, and you will have to download them from a file transfer Web site.  Please keep in mind that you are paying for Gary's time and the information he imparts, not for the recording.  The recording is a bonus that not all astrologers provide; the quality of the recording is not guaranteed.  You may also record your session on your end.

24-hour Cancellation Policy
If you decide to reschedule or cancel your appointment, please call at least 24 hours in advance so that your appointment time can be given to someone else.  If you fail to call at the appointment time, you may be charged a fee for insufficient notice or for a missed appointment.

Fees and Methods of Payment

Good Timing and Location are Keys to Success

Gary Brand, Traditional Astrologer
Tallahassee, Florida

© 2004-2013 Gary Brand.  All Rights Reserved.