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A note about the following comments:  most of them are from clients in Florida because Gary was in practice there from 1982 - 1998 and from 2007 to the present.  None were solicited.

  • "Thank you so much for the reading and your insights.  This is a turning point in my life and everything I've been feeling (about the relationship) has been confirmed by your reading.  Diane, Georgia (February 2012)

  • "You are quite skillful and wise.  You are also accurate, practical, artful, and insightful.  It was a great reading!"  Leonard, Virginia (October 2009)

  • "I wanted to say thank you for a wonderful reading [yesterday].  It was really, really helpful.  After you talked about Saturn's influence in my chart, I started seeing Saturn images everywhere...  Wow."  Patricia, Florida (July 2009)

  • "... I wanted to let you know just how much the reading helped....  I chose you to do this reading because I needed honesty and directness.  That's something that many Astrologers I know are not really capable of because of their own issues.  I knew you would be direct...."  Ann, an Astrologer in Arizona

  • "Dear Gary - This letter is just to let you know how much I appreciate your expert counseling services.  You are truly talented in your profession!  Before I turned to you for an astrological and past life reading, I had sought medical advice and was undergoing speech therapy in an attempt to restore full use of my voice.  I did not come to you for a solution to my problem, but rather with the hope that you might find an astrological reason for my setbacks.  I must admit that in pursuing this avenue of information, my open-mindedness and sincere desire for information was laced a bit with old fashioned skepticism.  Given that attitude, you can imagine how much I appreciated and respected the professionalism with which you conducted my inquiries.  While I naturally expected an analysis and explanation of my horoscope, I did not anticipate the counseling you provided along with key astrological points.  I was particularly impressed with your sensitivity, your insight into human nature and your willingness to point out sides of myself I would otherwise not have noticed.  In my field, I have had the privilege of working with a number of counselors and therapists and just wanted you to know you are right up there with the best of them.  Thanks again for sharing your trained perception in such a professional manner."  Elizabeth, a college professor in Florida

  • "I cannot begin to thank you for everything you have done for me, and I am very grateful for all your efforts on my behalf.  It is such a pleasure to know you, and your many kindnesses will long be remembered."  Marcia, Virginia

  • "Thank you for listening.  Thanks for the work you do.  Your guidance has helped me so much [over the years]."  Katie, Florida

  • "Thanks Gary - you're better than any shrink I know."  Lee, Virginia

  • "Thanks so much for the great, upbeat reading.  It helped me see things in a whole new light, and far surpassed my expectations of what I had hoped to get....  It was an unexpected surprise to see myself so clearly through someone else's eyes."  Gary, Georgia

  • "Just wanted to thank you for all your gentle encouragement and kind words [and] wanted to send you a message that if there are ever times when you wonder if you're making a difference in people's lives - you are!"  Nancy, Virginia

  • "Just wanted to let you know that the date you picked for me to tell my sister that I am moving [she was dreading telling her sister] was absolutely magical!  Thank you so much for such a great date."  Linda, Washington, D.C.

  • "Thank you very much for your time, skill, insight and caring.  Thanks for giving me hope that things won't always be this way or such a struggle."  Mary, Florida

  • "Thanks so much for the session on such short notice.  It really gave me timely support when I was needing it.  I really resonated with many things you said about what I'm going through these days.  It's so helpful to get conformation of what my Soul is telling me."  Nora, Florida

  • "Thank you for all the caring guidance you have provided Dennis and me."  Sandy, Iowa

  • "Thanks tremendously for all the time you took with me yesterday.  I really appreciate that because I really needed it.  I knew that to begin with, but it was reinforced by my hearing things put much more clearly.  ... just knowing that time isn't of the essence as I thought it was has relieved the sense of urgency..."   Ray, Florida

  • "Thank you so much for your reading and the time together yesterday.  I found it very helpful and profound!"  Karen, Georgia

  • "Thanks for your patience and sensitivity.  You add a lot of very special 'magic' to my life."  Leeann, Florida

  • "Thank you so much.  I really enjoyed my session and learned a lot!  You're a special person."  Robin, North Carolina

  • "My mother was visiting this past weekend and was impressed with your last reading you did for me.  She'd like for you to do one for her....  It's amazing how accurate astrology is compared to any other metaphysical source."  Suzanne, Florida

  • "Thanks for all your help.  He [his father-in-law] is back home as of this morning [he had been missing for two days].  Now for a different set of difficulties.  Thanks again for being there [I had reassured him and his wife that her father was alive, alright and would turn up soon].  You're the best."  Ron, West Virginia

  • "Dear Gary - All of your predictions are right on target, so far.  It amazes me how accurate and precise you are.  Please begin, at your earliest convenience, a compatability or comparison chart..."  Elizabeth, Colorado

  • "Thank you for your valuable insight into my future.  Keep up the good work."  Chuck, Texas

  • "With appreciation for the part you played in awakening me to my purpose."  Pam, Florida

  • "Your forecast for June was certainly on target.  It has been an interesting month.  A little 'testie' at times but rewarding"  Ed, Texas

  • "Dear Gary - Everyone in my household is very impressed with your ability and how right on you were about all of us.  We are still digesting the whole thing but David in particular (skeptical but open minded mathematician) was totally won over with regard to astrology.  Carrie [her daughter, who was in college at the time] and I were both believers to begin with but Carrie said, 'Wow, he knew me as well as I knew myself and he doesn't even know me.'  Let us know if you ever need a recommendation, we're sold."  Sheryl, Virginia

  • "Thanks for being such a good Astro-guru.  I always feel better after talking with you!"  Celeste, Florida

  • "I want to thank you for the session.  The information you imparted will be very helpful I'm sure.  I'm excited about what lies ahead!  Gratefully," Lois, Florida

  • "This morning I've been listening (re-listening) to the taped readings you did for me and I'm really enjoying them.  You have a uniquely gentle way of guiding."  Marie, California

  • "Blessings to you for all your insight and wisdom.  [on another occasion] Thanks for a great reading.  It was a little mind boggling."  Maureen, Florida

  • "Dear Gary - Well, your predictions about love in my life were right.  I've met someone wonderful and am feeling a tug on my heart....  We are thinking about forming a business partnership as well as a personal partnership.  I would like you to do a synastry on us - for both personal and business matters....  I told John I couldn't make any moves without your blessing!  [afterwards, she wrote] I really enjoyed the synastry reading.  Thanks for all the great advice.  [on another occasion]  It's been a real joy for me to know you over the years.  I've always been greatly impressed by your sensitivity and professionalism....  Thanks for being a friend and an astrologer and an open ear.  Our conversations have always been stimulating."  Fran, Florida

  • "Thanks a million for a deep reading of my current status as evolving being!!  I really felt the truth of this cycle and look forward to enacting the possibilities."  Katie, Florida

  • "Thanks so much for the insights to the year 2000 question.  I also want to thank you for everything - your research has cleared up many many things for me."  Linda, Florida

  • "I deeply appreciate our friendship and the insights you have given me.  From my last reading, I am looking at my fears and seeing if I can face them head on!  What a challenge it is."  Erwin, Florida

  • "Thanks so much for the great reading and insight into my personality and psyche.  It was great."  Andrea, North Carolina

  • "Dear Gary - ... Everything, one by one, that you said and/or predicted has come true or has revealed the shadow of its future coming.  [on another occasion] I gave up on Ron....  We went to a therapy session together at my psychologist's office and his assessment of Ron matched yours exactly....  Thanks for all your help.  You have given me a lot of useful, helpful info."  Roberta, South Carolina

  • "Dear Gary - Just a note to thank your for my reading.  Things have gone just as you shared in my reading.  It was empowering to have a bit of awareness about possible events.  You mentioned that my job would cause me to travel.  I leave for the South Pacific coast of Mexico in March....  My two year conflict ended.  You said it would, but the energy would have to come from me.  I forgave this person, and two days later an apology came in the mail, totally unsolicited....  I could go on but just wanted you to know how much I appreciated your service.  It has really openned me up."  Charles, Florida

  • "Your readings are the springboard to my success - empowering me by enabling me to sidestep difficulties and take advantage of hidden opportunities."  Donna, Oregon

  • "I wish you a Happy New Year and hope to consult you for more of your services.  Your last forecast was so correct."  Rita, New York

  • "Thank you for all your insights.  It is a pleasure knowing you."  Holly, Florida

  • "I think these tapes [of my session] are something I'll value for a long time.  I hope your faith in the benefits and the importance of what you're doing increases because you do it very well."  Robert, Florida

  • "I greatly enjoyed the reading and look forward to another.  I will contact you soon."  Mary, Louisiana

  • "I'm so glad our paths crossed.  In the short time we have known each other (this time around) you have made a profound impact."  Natalie, New Jersey

  • "Thanks again for helping me out on a wedding date.  I'm sure you will be hearing from me again."  Evelyn, Florida

  • "Thank you for the light."  Brenda, Colorado

  • "I appreciated your gentle, thoughtful style and I learned a lot!"  Anne, Florida
Good Timing and Location are Keys to Success

Gary Brand, Traditional Astrologer
Tallahassee, Florida

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