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Gary’s Other Services:
     Intensive Focused Analyses:
           Career Analysis
           Relationship Patterns
           Any issue of your choice
     Astrology and Your Genealogy
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Published Astrology Articles by Gary:
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     Our economic crisis
     Political astrology articles
     What is the Real U.S. Birth Chart?

Other Astrology Articles by Gary:
     Evidence of Astrology’s Validity
     How to Find Your Time of Birth
     Gary’s Healing Experiences
     City Birth Charts
     Astrology Illuminates a Civil War Story

Non-Astrology Articles by Gary:
     Restaurant Review:  Bistro on Main
     What We Can Do to Slow Global Warming

Database of U.S. City Birth Charts for Astrologers
     How to Order the Astrology Charts for U.S. Cities
     When Is a City Born?
     Examples of Mundane Use of City Birth Charts:
           Charlottesville - its History and its Charts
           Hurricane Gustav Hits Louisiana Cities
           Hurricane Katrina & New Orleans’ Chart
           Hurricane Charley Hits Florida Cities
           Hurricane Kate in Tallahassee’s Chart

Database of U.S. City Incorporation Dates for Researchers
     How to Order from the Cities Database

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Good Timing and Location are Keys to Success

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