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THE BISTRO ON MAIN in Lexington, Virginia

by Gary Brand - written October 5, 2009

ormally, I don't write restaurant reviews but I have been so inspired and delighted by every gustatory experience at this establishment that I wanted to write this review and include it on my Web site.  The Bistro on Main restaurant is located on Main Street in historic, quaint, downtown Lexington, Virginia.  It's a beautiful place for this magnificent, full service, dining establishment.  I purposefully use such erudite language to describe the Bistro because it is so far above and beyond the ordinary or even the superior dining experience that it is truly in a rare class shared with very few others.  I have known the owner, Jackie Lupo, for about 10 years, for she is a client of mine.  In fact, I feel a personal connection to this restaurant because Jackie asked me to choose the date that it first opened, the date that she opened the expansion that included a bar, the date of incorporation, and the date she first opened the restaurant on Sundays.  Selecting the best available date for an important event is called electional astrology and I have "elected" (selected) many good dates for Jackie over the years.  During my vacation in Virginia in September 2009, Jackie was kind enough to share with me that she attributes some of her success to the help that I have provided her.  Although you may be thinking that I am biased because of my professional relationship with Jackie, you will soon understand why I have such a exuberant opinion of the Bistro.

For nine years, my wife and I lived near Charlottesville, Virginia and whenever we were near Lexington we ate at the Bistro on Main.  Often, we made a special trip across the Blue Ridge mountains just to eat there after hiking in the area.  Yet, I was unaware, until our last visit in late September 2009 (while we were on vacation in Virginia), the extent to which Jackie insists on serving only the finest quality foods to her patrons.  As many times as I have eaten there, she had never mentioned (because she is unpretentious) that the bread she serves before the meal arrives, as well as all of the salad dressings, and the several kinds of ice cream she offers for dessert are all made on the premises!  I only discovered this because I have a very perceptive palate by which I discerned that the ice cream I ordered was home-made.  When I asked our waiter for confirmation of this, he informed me that, not only the ice cream, but the bread and salad dressings were also handmade in the Bistro.  However, this isn't the full extent to which Jackie goes to make her patrons' dining experience unforgettably memorable.

The Bistro on Main is the only restaurant in which I have eaten that serves organic meats.  There is no such restaurant in Tallahassee, Florida where I presently reside and it is a much larger city, with a population of 150,000, compared to the 6,800 residents of Lexington.  I am basically a vegetarian who eats small quantities of fish and cheese but when I eat at the Bistro, I am tempted and sometimes succumb to ordering and eating an organic hamburger or some exquisite dish containing organic chicken.  At the time I ordered my first organic hamburger at the Bistro in Lexington, I had never seen my wife eat beef during our more than 10 year marriage.  She surprised me by asking if she could taste it and, after she did, she wanted me to split it with her because she said it tasted so good.  This was a truly remarkable request, coming from someone who is normally repelled by beef and I shared it with her only reluctantly because it tasted so good to me too!  Although I don't eat pork or lamb, the Bistro also offers entrees with these organic meats as well.  When I asked Jackie if she advertises the Bistro as an organic restaurant, she said that she does not because she buys organic food to serve but it is not always available so her integrity prevents her from advertising the restaurant as organic.  However, I pointed out that she could state that she serves organic foods when she can.

Not only is the food exceptional, but the Bistro has a fine ambiance as well.  The tables are draped in fine quality, spotless, white tablecloths and the silverware is of a good, heavy quality and is inserted in a pocket created by folding the large, good quality, white napkins.  Fine artwork adorns the walls and, during the day, light streams through the picture windows in front.  Jackie often personally greets her patrons as they enter and, once they are seated, she spends time chatting with those she knows.  She takes such care to assure that her patrons have an exceptional experience that dining at the Bistro in Lexington will linger as a fine memory long after the delicious food you enjoy there leaves your palate.
Good Timing and Location are Keys to Success

Gary Brand, Traditional Astrologer
Tallahassee, Florida

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