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by Gary Brand - written December 11, 2008,
published in the January 2009 edition of Echo* newspaper
Chart of the 2009 Obama inauguration The 2009 inauguration chart of President Barack Obama.  According to Section 1 of the 20th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, Bush's term ended at noon on January 20 and the term of President Barack Obama began at that time.  This inauguration chart is constructed using 12:06 PM because that was the time that he completed the oath of office.  Despite being administered the oath again the following day, he became president on January 20, according to the Constitution.

Chart of the 2001 Bush inauguration Chart of the 2001 Bush inauguration on January 20, 2001 at 12:03 PM EST (the time that he was actually sworn into office).  Note that Venus is almost exactly in the same place (the same degree and only one minute of longitude different) in the 2009 inauguration chart as it was in the 2001 inauguration chart!  This is because of the eight year Venus cycle.  Venus is also very strong in Pisces, where it is exalted, so Congress (represented by the 11th house) tends to spend more money during terms when it is in this sign.  However, Venus is also very afflicted in this chart because it is square the Moon, Pluto, and Ceres so the spending didn't benefit most Americans (the Moon represents the public or the people) during this term.  Instead, it benefitted the war-profiteering companies that have supplied armaments and services to the U.S. military in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Chart of the 2005 Bush inauguration Chart of the 2005 Bush inauguration on January 20, 2005 at 12:03 PM EST (the time that he was actually sworn into office).
he astrological chart of the moment a president is sworn in and assumes office is a key indicator of what that presidential term will be like.  For example, a strong prospect of war was evident in the 2001 Bush inaugural chart (Mars – war; in Scorpio – symbolizing Bush’s hatred for and revenge against Saddam Hussein; ruling and in the 7th house – war), as well as the foreshadowing of the September 11, 2001 attacks (Mars – attacks, explosions; in Scorpio – hatred; ruling and in the 7th house – enemies; and Mars squared Uranus – surprises, explosions, disruptions).  The 2001 inaugural chart is shown on the left, below the 2009 inaugural chart (see also an article about the 2001 inauguration chart).  The 2005 inaugural chart (shown at left below the 2001 chart) serves as a further example of the predictive power inherent in an inauguration chart because in it is evidence of the economic bubble expanding and then collapsing.  In the latter chart, Jupiter (expansion and boom) squared Venus (banking, credit, speculation, and stock markets) and Mercury (ruler of the 2nd house of banking, credit, and stock markets) – overabundance of credit, out-of-control money supply, and rampant speculation; Saturn (economic contraction and recession) squared Jupiter – pressure on and eventual bursting of the credit bubble; and Saturn opposed Mercury and Venus – economic meltdown and crisis.  Although the beginning of this current economic depression (economists, politicians, and the media will continue to call it a recession or meltdown/crisis for a long time) is evident in Bush’s 2005 inauguration chart, it did not begin until transits and progressions in the 2005 chart and in the U.S. birth chart occurred this year [2008] – the last of this Bush term.  Therefore, the events and trends during a presidential term are also a function of the aspects that the slow-moving, transiting planets make to the positions of the planets in the U.S. birth chart (July 4, 1776).

Why swear the president in at noon?  High noon is the time of day when the Sun is close to its highest position in the sky and, traditionally, this symbolizes the pinnacle of power (sunlight) of the day.  This time of day on January 20 in Washington always places the Sun in the 10th house of the chart, which represents the leader of government, governmental power, and the political party in power.  This date always places the Sun in the first degree of Aquarius so the sign is meaningless because the best and worst presidents are all inaugurated when the Sun is at this position.  However, the relationships (aspects) of the Sun to the other planets are of great importance because these relationships change from one inauguration to another (and therefore, from one presidential term to another).  As we know, Bush’s second term was disastrously worse economically than his first – equivalent in many ways to Herbert Hoover’s term (the stock market crashes and banking abuses of then and now).  In fact, three of the greatest depressions this country has experienced (including the current one, which has just begun) were born during the terms of three of the worst presidents in U.S. history, all of them Republicans – Ulysses Grant, Herbert Hoover, and George W. Bush.

The best thing about the 2009 Obama inauguration chart is the Sun conjunction with Jupiter.  Inherently, this means enthusiasm, encouragement, optimism, hope, experimentation, and exuberance.  This country and our president are going to need every bit of these qualities in the next four years.  Where is the current economic depression in this chart?  Venus is the primary symbol of the stock and commodity markets, speculation, the money supply, the banking system, credit availability, rate of spending and saving, etc.  In this chart, Venus is heavily afflicted – its conjunction with Uranus heralds more banking and economic surprises, a skyrocketing money supply (all of these corporate bailouts are being financed by printing billions of dollars in paper money that has no intrinsic value), and financial insecurity, changes, and instability.  Another affliction to Venus is its opposition to Saturn, signifying economic hardships, restriction of credit, bank failures, loss of equity in retirement accounts, reduced consumer spending (resulting from job loss or cutback in hours), declining stock markets, and deflation in the short run.  However, when the banks begin to lend freely again, three influences in this chart are very unfortunate economically and potentially foreshadow runaway inflation:  Venus conjunct Uranus in Pisces; Moon square Neptune; and Mercury (ruler of the 2nd house of money) is retrograde and combust but not Cazimi the Sun.  If Mercury were Cazimi the Sun, it would strengthen the power of Mercury in the chart but, instead, this planet is greatly debilitated because it is combust (very close to and overpowered by) the Sun.

Lower real estate prices during President Obama’s first term is portended by the Saturn-Venus opposition and by the debilitated Moon (symbolizing real estate and ruling the 4th house of real estate) in the sign of its fall (Scorpio – where it tends to be expressed negatively), void of course (meaning no increase coming from it), in the term of Saturn (decline, lower values), and in the last degree of the sign (sorrow, lamentation).  Since the Moon is in the 7th house, a lot of U.S. real estate will continue to be bought by foreign individuals and corporations (especially by the Chinese and Japanese).  Moon square Neptune indicates that many Americans who must sell their home or real estate will be disappointed and may have to sell it for less than what they owe.  Indicators of a collapse of the housing and real estate market during the Bush 2nd term appear in the 2005 inauguration chart as Moon (homes and real estate) square Uranus (sudden, drastic change for the worse) and Saturn conjunct the cusp of the 4th house of real estate and homes (collapse, decline in prices and value).

In the 2009 inauguration chart, Mercury is in progressive Aquarius, in the 10th house, and in close (therefore, strong) conjunction with the Sun (representing the president), which means that we must apply our brightest minds and they must invoke their most innovative thinking to cope with the dire circumstances in our future.  However, Mercury retrograde and combust the Sun indicates that President Obama’s present cabinet members and advisors are mired in the old economy and cling to old economic models that no longer work.  Instead, we need a radical departure from the greed-based, selfish thinking of the past.  History inevitably repeats itself and I have said before that President Obama is our next FDR but even the great FDR made the mistake, at first, of attempting to rescue the economy of his time by applying outdated methods and thinking.  The analysis of the inaugural chart will be continued in next month’s issue of Echo*, as well as the impact of the Uranus-Saturn opposition in the U.S. chart.

*Echo is a monthly newspaper about community, the environment, health, cuisine, spiritual and other realities that is distributed in central Virginia.
Good Timing and Location are Keys to Success

Gary Brand, Traditional Astrologer
Tallahassee, Florida

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