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by Gary Brand - written August 10, 2008,
published in the September 2008 edition of Echo* newspaper
President Barack Obama's birth chart President Barack Obama's birth chart.  He was born on August 4, 1961 at 7:24 PM AHT, in Honolulu, Hawaii.  His time of birth is from his birth certificate, below.

President Barack Obama's birth certificate President Barack Obama's birth certificate.
t last, a Democratic, presidential candidate I can wholeheartedly endorse, be enthused about, and campaign for – the first since George McGovern (and before him Gene McCarthy)!  Although I admit my humanitarian, Democratic bias up front, I will nevertheless strive for some modicum of objectivity in the interpretation of Barack Obama’s birth chart (his birth data is from his birth certificate, shown under his birth chart), particularly pertaining to his ability to govern.  Like George W. Bush and President Clinton, Senator Obama has three planets in Leo, the most notable sign of leadership.  Unlike Bush, who is self-centered and selfish because his Leo planets are in his first house, Barack Obama’s Leo planets are in his 6th house (symbolizing work and service) and 7th house (representing his wife and relationships with other people in general).  This is not to say that the Senator has no Leo qualities – he can be self-absorbed and self-righteous at times.  Yet, his self-absorption is often with his work (by reason of his Sun and Mercury in Leo in his 6th house) and he is concerned about how others perceive him (Leo rules his 7th house).  Like most Leos, he doesn’t like personal criticism but he is not afraid of and repelled by it like Bush is.

Senator Obama’s Ascendant is Aquarius, which gives him a progressive, forward-looking, people-oriented, innovative, inviting, friendly personality (he has the same degree of Aquarius rising as I do – no wonder I like him).  Although Aquarius is a fixed (immovable, stubborn, loyal) sign, it and Uranus, which is widely conjunct his Sun, are primary symbols of change and he is certainly presenting himself as an advocate and agent of change.  Born with Uranus conjunct the north node of the Moon (representing his dharma), a primary part of his mission (symbolized by his north node) is to affect change (represented by Uranus and by his Ascendant and Jupiter in Aquarius) and to bring people together in cooperative efforts to improve the world (Uranus in his 7th house).  His campaign slogan, “Change we can believe in” fits his chart like a hand in a glove, by reason of his Sun squaring Neptune (beliefs, ideals) in his 9th house (beliefs, ideals).  This is not an empty, insincere, Orwellian double-speak catchphrase like most Republicans insufferably mouth.  On the contrary, coming from Obama it is a sincere aspiration (Neptune in his 9th house) to improve this country for the benefit of its citizens.  His idealism, spirituality, and his ability to inspire others are evidenced by Neptune as the most elevated planet in his chart in the 9th house (the 9th house represents our personal search for God).  If FDR was born about 8:00 PM, his Neptune was also in the 9th house and square his Sun so we could be looking at another FDR in the making (who helps us through the depression ahead).

However, Obama’s Sun-Neptune square is also problematic because he tends to doubt himself, to be overly optimistic, and he often has very high expectations that are subject to later disappointment or disillusionment.  One of his primary spiritual challenges this lifetime is to have faith in himself, others, and the Universe; to pay attention to the subtleties and nuances of life; and to not let temporary setbacks dissuade him from his mission.  This square is self-deprecating and self-revealing to the point of having a lack of personal defenses and disguises – an inability to hide even if he tries.  This square, along with Saturn (representing his father) in his 12th house, indicates an absent and inaccessible father for whom some fascination and longing usually exists (his father was literally absent from his life).  The missed opportunity by his father to be a father was likely internalized by the son and expresses now as a determination to be present as a father for his own children and as a father figure (leader) for his nation.  This square and the Sun applying to a conjunction to Uranus in his 7th house are signatures of an alienation theme, with which he has struggled all of his life and that will not end if he is elected.

He is capable of and does accomplish much over time, indicated by Mars trine Saturn in his chart.  In fact, this trine is a key indicator of his ambition and success as a politician.  He was born with both Saturn and Jupiter in his 12th house, a traditionally unfortunate place because it represents unconscious drives to engage in self-limiting or self-sabotaging behaviors.  The positive side to Jupiter in his 12th house is that he inspires people just by being in his presence (especially because it is in visionary Aquarius) and this is his compassion for those who are suffering.  The downside is his tendency to over-extend himself and to be self-indulgent at times.  Saturn in his 12th house, on the negative side, is a tendency to work in secret or hide what he is doing (Bush has this too and we all know what negative consequences have resulted) and to harbor secret feelings of self-doubt and insecurity.  On the positive side (especially in Capricorn), Saturn in this house symbolizes his considerable inner-strength, calm, resolve, and self-sufficiency.

With Mercury in a strong opposition to Jupiter, the Senator seeks the “big picture” and is a great orator.  He is a natural storyteller (Neptune in his 9th house of storytelling and Mercury opposite Jupiter) and often entertains and engages his audience by virtue of his Venus in her joy in his 5th house (of entertainment).  Although he is a big thinker, he needs practical realists around him to keep him grounded in the plausible.  The Mercury-Jupiter opposition is also symbolic of his tolerance and acceptance of others and of his optimism and enthusiasm (supported by the Moon-Jupiter trine in his chart).  We will need his words of hope and optimism in the days ahead.

*Echo is a monthly newspaper about community, the environment, health, cuisine, spiritual and other realities that is distributed in central Virginia.
Good Timing and Location are Keys to Success

Gary Brand, Traditional Astrologer
Tallahassee, Florida

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