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by Gary Brand - written May 16, 2003,
published in the June 2003 edition of Echo* newspaper
The birth chart of "Little George" W. Bush is based upon the time of birth obtained from hospital records and his birth certificate (source: AstroDatabank at  This chart is in a different format than the chart of his father, shown below (which displays the aspects between the planets as colored lines in the center), because that format made Mercury appear to be in the 12th house instead of the 1st house where it is actually located.

The birth chart of "Big George" H. W. Bush, born June 12, 1924 at 11:45 AM EDT in Milton, MA, is based upon the time of birth given in a news clipping announcing his birth (source: AstroDatabank at

The birth chart of "Little George" W. Bush compared to that of "Big George" H. W. Bush (the planets in the outer wheel).
Often, when we use the term "relationship" we are talking about a romantic or physically intimate relationship.  Obviously, there are several other types of relationships that are very important, not the least of which is that between each of us and our parent of the same sex.  This article is devoted to a specific example of the father-son relationship - the one between "W" or "Little George" W. Bush, the current resident of the White House, and his father, "Big George" H. W. Bush, the guy who briefly lived in the White House 12 years ago.  Much of what I am about to say about these Bushes is hidden from public view or scrutiny, despite the high profile, political history of this family.

Planetary aspects between a planet in the father's chart and the Sun in his son's chart are very significant determinants of the impact and influence of the father on the personality of the son.  Big George's Pluto is a mere two degrees from Little George's Sun so Big George was demanding and domineering toward his son.  Their wills often clashed when the father attempted to control his son, though with a 12th house Sun, W avoided rather than confronted his father at such times.  The conjunction of Big George's Pluto with Little George's Sun and the opposition of Big George's Mars and W's Venus are both suggestive of psychological and verbal abusive behavior on the part of the father, especially because Big George was born with a Mercury-Mars square and is quite hot-tempered and barb-tongued.  Poor Little George learned at an early age not to talk back to the old man because, being born with Moon, Jupiter and Neptune in Libra in the third house, W wants to be liked for what he says and wants exchanges with others to be pleasant and personally satisfying.

Big George's Mars opposite W's Venus indicates some jealousy; that the father could be insensitive and aggressive toward his son; that Little George was easily hurt and oversensitive; and with his Venus in Leo, Little George desperately sought (and still seeks) the approval of others, his father's specifically.  The strong need for affection, attention and approval, especially daddy's, are indicated by W's Ascendant, Mercury, Pluto, and Venus in Leo and the placement of these planets in his first house.  Of course, attention seeking is not always positive, as with young children and adolescents.  W was intimidated by his father as a youth and is intimidated by his father's accomplishments as an adult.  In fact, I think from observing him that Little George's maturation was interrupted during adolescence and has not progressed since.  Examples are the little smirk that crosses his face when he is proud of himself or of something that he says; his whinny tone of voice when he doesn't get his way (just like some teenagers); his tendency toward drug abuse and alcoholism (his Sun and Saturn in the 12th house); his almost lock-step appointment of so many of his father's advisors to his cabinet posts (and his choice of V.P.); and his need to act out subconscious resentment he likely feels toward his father through an obsession-based aggression against Saddam Hussein and other easily-bullied leaders.  Is this an obvious need to emulate his father and obtain daddy's approval or what?  In a contrary twist, Little George dodged military combat during Vietnam, unlike his father who jumped at the chance for combat during WWII. This probably occurred because Little George doesn't like close-up, in your face conflict - his Moon is in Libra, his Venus is in the first house, and his Mars (the warrior) is in Virgo so he doesn't want to get dirty while fighting (he doesn't like to get dirty doing anything).  With Sun and Saturn debilitated in Cancer in his 12th house, he hides his insecurities and fears at a deep, unconscious level and is loathe to show them openly because of all the emphasis he has in Leo (he's too proud).

However, the above influences don't mean that the father doesn't love his son.  Big George's Venus is conjunct Little George's Sun and Big George's Moon is conjunct his boy's Moon and Jupiter so there is a lot of love, genuine affection, and shared fun between this father and son.  They both have strong emotional bonds with their family (W has Sun in Cancer and Big George has Moon conjunct Saturn and Jupiter in the 4th house of family) but they encourage emotional extremes in each other.  As strong as the bond is, Little George struggles to be independent of his father and this played out as rebelliousness in his youth (Daddy Bush's Sun is conjunct Little George's Uranus and Daddy's Uranus is square his son's Uranus).  Because Little George's Mars is conjunct his father's Ascendant and his Saturn squares his father's Saturn, he feels he must compete with his father.  The Saturn square Saturn also indicates conflict in business, professional and organizational goals so the son could not work for his father.  This square, along with the Uranus-Uranus square between them, mean that Little George probably felt compelled to defy his father's authority by making poor grades, drinking too much, not enlisting in the military, etc.  Although there is much attachment and love between this father and son, there are also a number of problems that are unlikely to be resolved in this lifetime.

*Echo is a monthly newspaper about community, the environment, health, cuisine, and spirituality that is distributed in central Virginia.
Good Timing and Location are Keys to Success

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Tallahassee, Florida

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