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Slow Global Warming


by Gary Brand - written December 15, 2006,
published in the January 2007 edition of Echo* newspaper

A global image of Neptune taken almost 5 days before
Voyager 2 made its closest approach. This view shows Neptune's south pole and was one of the last global images taken, using green and orange filters, almost 5 days before Voyager 2 made its closest approach to the gas ball.  The image shows the "Great Dark Spot" hurricane in the center.  Courtesy of NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute.
his article addresses the false “New Year” and the major transits (astrological influences) of 2007.  I begin by setting the record straight.  Until 1752, when England and the American colonies changed from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar, the beginning of the year was March 25.  This date is, on average, five days after the beginning of spring (the equinox) and this “New Year” made infinitely more sense than January 1, which has no astrological or astronomical significance.  The spring equinox is the beginning of the natural year because most trees and perennial plants regain their foliage, many animals emerge from hibernation, and almost all animal species mate around the beginning of spring (in the northern hemisphere).  The “New Year” for humans begins when the Sun returns to the same position when we were born, typically on or within a day of our birthday.  Consequently, “New Year resolutions” made on our birthday rather than on January 1 or its eve are much more likely to be kept because they are made at a personally meaningful time.

There are several transits between the slowest planets, including the dwarf planets (Pluto and Ceres), in 2007.  During January (peak January 22) and early February, from March through mid-June, and during September and October, Jupiter is square Uranus.  A square between these planets occurs about every seven years (one-quarter of a Saturn cycle) and it means freedom, impractical optimism (Uranus in Pisces), exuberant chaos, and discontent with the status quo.  Common sense will seem to take a vacation and any semblance of order and organization along with it.  Not a favorable time for travel abroad, unless you love surprises.

From late January – early February, Ceres is conjunct Uranus, the marriage (?) of order and chaos.  The “harvests” of this time will be liberation, excitement, innovation, stimulation, and probably fatigue from the strain all of this will put on our health (Ceres is associated with good health but Uranus is in Pisces – unexpected or sudden stress on our immune system).

From late January through February, Ceres is square Jupiter so it is activating the Jupiter-Uranus square of this period.  There is much fruitfulness in this aspect but, because it is a square, there will be some twists.  Mothers may go overboard in their attempts to “take care of” their offspring, no matter what age (the goddess Ceres took extreme measures to retrieve her adult daughter Persephone from Hades).  Those who are normally supportive may test your mettle.

From late January through July (peaks February 28 and June 25), Saturn is opposite Neptune again, which occurs every 35 years but can last on and off for about two years.  Oppositions are all about looking at or seeing something or someone from the opposite or a very different perspective.  What appears foreign or fearful (Saturn) is often just some shadow side of ourselves that we have not yet embraced (Neptune).  On a mundane level, Neptune represents inflation so we can expect increasing prices, probably fueled by an increase in the cost of oil (oil is Neptune), which will bring hardships (Saturn) to those who are less fortunate in our society.  This opposition began in the summer of 2005 during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina when gasoline prices shot up to over $3/gallon.  This opposition also means that comparisons will be made between so-called “reality” (Saturn) and the ideal (Neptune).  Lower your expectations (Saturn) and don’t wallow in self-pity or doubt (Neptune).  Things tend to appear worse than they really are (Saturn) and they may seem to be disintegrating (Neptune) but don’t dwell on appearances and get a second viewpoint (preferably a spiritual one).  Turning a negative around, Neptune manifestations like disappointment or uncertainty can lead to a more universal understanding, especially what or who we fear (Saturn).  It is only an illusion (Neptune) that we are different or separate from (the opposition) people or experiences we fear or are repelled by (Saturn).  Don’t let fear or anxiety take over and, above all else, simplify your life!

From late February through May (peaks March 16 and May 6), Jupiter is trine Saturn and this aspect will mitigate and soften the Saturn-Neptune opposition.  It brings success, advancement, completion of or significant progress toward our objective goals (those pertaining to the outside world), and pragmatism.  This is a time to seek help from authority figures and it could represent a promotion or advancement in your career.  It is a great time for advertising and for promoting your abilities.

Late summer through mid-fall, the aspects among the slowest planets (including the dwarf planets) are mild and beneficial.  During July and August (peak August 6), Saturn is trine Pluto, which is the opportunity (trine) to work hard (Saturn) toward significant personal or global change (Pluto).  Priorities are set or adjusted (Saturn), ambitions are fulfilled (Pluto) through sustained endeavor (Saturn), waste is recognized and trimmed (Pluto), and relevance is pursued and embraced (Saturn).  These are months when success comes through perseverance, restructuring, and lofty (preferably social) goals.

During October (peak October 29) and November, Jupiter is sextile Neptune, a mild but spiritually satisfying influence.  Seek greater metaphysical understanding of your experiences, take a vacation you’ve always dreamed of, and put your optimism and greater perception to good use.  Focus on helping others out of the goodness in your heart.  This is a great opportunity (Jupiter) for spiritual insight to come from everyday encounters.

From late November through mid-December (peak December 11), Jupiter is conjunct Pluto.  This transit makes this an excellent period to conduct research of any kind.  It is a particularly fruitful time for psychological rebirth, discovery or exploration.  This can also manifest as social regeneration (or destruction).  The emphasis should be on self-improvement and social-empowerment but this can manifest negatively when inflated egos make obsessive efforts to exert their power or proselytize their religion.  Let the aspiration of improving the world guide your steps.

*Echo is a monthly newspaper about community, the environment, health, cuisine, and spirituality that is distributed in central Virginia.
Good Timing and Location are Keys to Success

Gary Brand, Traditional Astrologer
Tallahassee, Florida

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