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by Gary Brand - written November 15, 2003,
published in the December 2003 edition of Echo* newspaper
ost of this article is a guide to buying gifts for each sign of the zodiac but first a moving follow-up to my last article.  When I submitted my column for the last issue of Echo* newspaper, I had no idea where in the area near Charlottesville, Virginia I would be moving.  However, my wife and I have relocated to a wonderful country home with great mountain views that is about the same distance from Charlottesville as our previous home.  For an entire month, we conducted an intensive search for a house as good as or better than our previous home for the same cost or less.  When we began our search, we had what we thought was a fairly detailed and comprehensive list of primary criteria (those we donít want to live without), secondary criteria (those we would really like to have) and tertiary criteria (icing on the cake) for our new home.  As a result of looking at each of many houses, we added new criteria to our lists that had not previously crossed our minds (e.g. one house we saw didnít have window screens, some had poor cross ventilation, another came without a refrigerator) until our list had 40 primary, 7 secondary, and 6 tertiary criteria.

One of the things we learned from the search for our previous home more than four years ago was to be as specific as possible in our request to the Universe to manifest a home with almost all of our criteria.  For example, our previous house had a full, finished basement and a carport (both were secondary criteria on our previous list), but the owner would not let us use them.  This time we changed these criteria to "a finished basement and carport that are empty and that we can use" and our new home has both!  By sticking to our list and not settling for less than what we wanted and by being patient enough to wait until the transits were favorable in my birth chart, we found a new home that is better than our previous home in no less than 21 ways!  Timing was important because, when we began our search in September, the houses we found fell substantially short of our criteria but, as Jupiter closely approached a sextile to my Moon and an opposition to the ruler of my fourth house (both are favorable relocation influences because both the Moon and the 4th house represent the person's home in their chart) we found homes that had most of our wants (including our present home).  The pervious house meets only 66% of our present primary and secondary criteria (four years ago when we had fewer criteria it met over 95%) compared to our new home, which meets 90% of our present criteria.  Had we not had a time limit, I believe we could have found a house that would have met 100% of our criteria.  My advice is to be as specific as possible in asking for what you want (in a home, a car, a mate, a career, a healing, ad infinitum).  Donít settle for significantly less than what you want and have the patience to act at an auspicious time.

The following gift giving guide by astrological sign is general but if you know the most prominent signs in the birth chart of the recipient of your gift, you can give them a perfect gift (or combination of gifts).  If not, use the following list to give you ideas about what they will probably like.

Aries - drum, dart board, sweat suit, hairbrush, ski gear or a lift pass, camping gear, fast-paced video games, firewood (or carrier), maps, tour book, sportswear, sports equipment, martial arts lessons, head massage, bicycle accessories, binoculars, hat, earmuffs, cast-iron skillet.

Taurus - gardening tools, flowering plants or bulbs, beautiful house plants, calculator, money management software, clock radio, music CDs and players, anything made of copper, collapsible chair for use away from home, rope hammock, liqueurs, pastries, comforter, organizer, necklace, money, water pick, jewelry.

Gemini - any kind of book (especially informational), computer or peripheral, computer game, any kind of puzzle, pen, playing cards, board game, an unusual phone, calculator, palm pilot, beeper, phone/address book, CB receiver, conversation pieces, time-saving gadget, gloves, bookends, bookmark, calendar, appointment book.

Cancer - flowering house plants (orchids), flower bulbs, plant pedestal, napkins, place mats, gourmet foods, beach trip, seashells, photo album, camera, anything for the kitchen, museum reproduction, antiques, old recordings, miniatures, old-fashioned lamp, hand/bath soap, bath accessories, anything made of glass or silver.

Leo - mirrors, hair brush or clip, gift certificate from a specialty shop, anything made of gold, perfume/cologne, kitchen herb garden, historic memorabilia, bedroom toy, sporting goods, tickets to a theatrical event, piece of art, dance lessons, fancy comb or hairbrush.

Virgo - hand-made soap, manicure set, books about healthy living and diet, garden supplies, desert plants, appointment calendar/organizer, mental and word games, hand or neck warmer, kitchen utensils and tools, sewing gadgets, coasters, anything embroidered or hand-woven, place mats, linens, place settings, dictionary.

Libra - beautiful clothes, bath oil and soap, jewelry, back massage, crystals, prisms, mirrors, dance lessons, music CDs or player, plant hangers, bromeliads and other air plants, books about relationships, pot and pan hanger, anything made of glass, teas that please, good quality wine, jelly, candies, cookie jar, scales.

Scorpio - mystery (or murder/mystery) book, complex puzzles of any kind, binoculars, sex toy, alluring perfume/cologne, buffet dishes, scented oil, transparent shower curtain, sensual music, database or research software, magnifying glass, cruise tickets, sky diving lessons, Dungeons and Dragons, a hot-air balloon flight.

Sagittarius - archery set, hiking guidebook, camping gear, dart board, travel guide, cowboy camp, jacket or boots or hat, birdhouse, weathervane, compass, fishing gear, luggage, sports equipment, skateboard, ski gear or lift pass, game of horseshoes, leather goods, anything made of pewter, skates.

Capricorn - briefcase, watch, wall clock, classy letter opener, digital counter jump rope, leather goods, anything engraved or monogrammed, their family tree, display case for a family heirloom, door knocker, antiques, knee pads (if into sports, caving or gardening), anything made of fine woods or colorful stone, paperweight.

Aquarius - book about archeology or an ancient culture, electronic gadget, membership in a humanitarian organization, hobby tools, microscope, sound to light device, water purifier, sundial, weather instrument, NASA photos of the planets and other celestial phenomena, antique map or navigational tool, good vs. evil books/games, appointment with an astrologer.

Pisces - paper airplanes (e.g. Scientific Americanís models), window prism, book with fine illustrations, membership in National Geographic, non-violent sci fi book, electric train, bath salts, meditation tape, anything made of seashells, gourmet or exotic foods, tea pot, fishing gear, toe ring, ankle bracelet, moccasins, wool socks, movies on CD or video, foot massage.

*Echo is a monthly newspaper about community, the environment, health, cuisine, and spirituality that is distributed in central Virginia.
Good Timing and Location are Keys to Success

Gary Brand, Traditional Astrologer
Tallahassee, Florida

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