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by Gary Brand - written January 16, 2005,
published in the February 2005 edition of Echo* newspaper
here are different types of love but one of the most important is self-love - not narcissism but loving ourselves with all our heart, much the same way that we love others.  Our ability to love, accept, and fully appreciate ourselves is probably more a function and position of the Sun in our birth chart than Venus.  Although Venus is traditionally the planet associated with love, the Sun represents our identity, inner self, and our ability to value ourselves.  Venus represents what we love outside ourselves - our family, our spouse, our work, leisure activities, hobbies, pets, and sensual pleasures.  Self-worth, self-esteem, self-acceptance are all of paramount importance in the attainment of a fulfilling life but the ways in which each sign seeks these differ.  Although the following applies to each Sun sign, it is modified by how the Sun is aspected in your birth chart, by the house that the Sun occupies in your chart, and by a preponderance of planets in a sign other than your Sun sign.  For example, a person with Sun conjunct Venus finds self-love so much easier than a person with Sun square Saturn.

Pisces are in love with their belief in love.  They are kind, gentle, gullible, peaceful, spiritual, and a bit crazy.  They can love almost anything or anyone and their compassion is limitless.  Because they see life as mystical, they think they are the cause when things turn sour.  This is the crux of their self-love issue - to get past self-pity and self-recrimination to the realization that there is really no difference between them and everything/one else and any appearance of separateness is just an illusion. Nirvana is right here and now, Pisces.

Aquarius is wacky so it's impossible to guess what they are going to love next, although freedom and independence are always high on their list.  Some reasons people of this sign should love themselves are their friendliness, humanity and curiosity, as long as they remember that old quip - curiosity killed the cat.  Their self-esteem isn't robust and they are afraid to get too personal.  Self-love for them is embracing the fact they are reincarnate aliens from another quadrant of the galaxy and to celebrate their differences and uniqueness.

Capricorn loves to succeed and the process of getting there.  Fear is a big motivator for this sign - it spurs them on to greatness. Fears that would crush weaker constitutions are embraced and loved by Capricorns who rise to the top of their field because they are not afraid to experience many little failures along the climb.  Their self-love lesson boils down to this - reaching the summit of their career or attaining any success is immaterial if their role modeling along the way was not exemplary.

Sagittarius loves the great adventure, the mountainous retreat, the learning experience, and generally anything that gives them a bigger than life feeling.  However, this sign is often clueless.  They go off half-cocked at the first chance for some fun, not a bit concerned about what they will do when they return.  They are inspiration personified.  Words of wisdom roll off their tongue without much forethought.  Their key to self-love is teaching others to have as much fun and to feel as inspired as they do.

Scorpios love their air of mystery, their inscrutability and their ability to see right to the core of your being.  But this sign can be self-destructive if their desire to find the best in others or in the situation is not uppermost in their mind.  They fear losing control of themselves more than death so they are slow to trust but loyal to the end - and this is their key to self-love:  let go of past wounds, suck the marrow out of the present, and don't worry about the future.  All we can take with us when death comes is our memories - let them be good ones.

Libra's problem with self-love is that they are too busy loving everybody else to notice that they aren't as happy as they could be. Peace and harmony are concepts they live by - but not alone.  They can't stand to be alone for long and herein lies their dilemma: how to tune into their own inner voice amidst the multitude of other voices in their lives.  The key to happiness for this sign is not the soul mate but giving as much to themselves as they give to others and loving themselves as much as others love them.

Virgo loves to analyze and critique and they will give you lots of free advice - whether you asked for it or not.  If they nag or complain it is because they are trying to be helpful.  They know they are not perfect so they want to help by making others perfect.  The best form of self-love for this sign is to use that scrutinizing magnifying glass to help others heal themselves, to solve practical problems, or to make the planet a better place to live.

Leo doesn't have any trouble with self-love.  In fact, they tend to go overboard with it unless their Sun is afflicted.  This is the sign of pride, whether they have anything to be proud of or not.  If you can't remember what being a playful child was like, just hang around a Leo for a while - they never really grow up. If Leo has a self-love fault, it is forgetting sometimes that the rest of the World may not think they are as wonderful as they think they are.

For a Cancer, self-love means devoting oneself to the family - not just family of origin because they consider anyone close to them like family.  The insecure Cancer can be clingy, crabby, and intolerant but the loving Cancer will bake you chocolate-chip cookies that will take you back to those golden days of your youth.  Mothering is natural to this sign and if they can only mother themselves half as well as they mother everyone else they will be in an eternal state of bliss.

Gemini love to hear themselves talk so if they are voicing intelligent and interesting ideas and stories, they are quite happy.  They love themselves more in the presence of another conversationalist.  Herein lies the rub for the Gemini who has not yet found self-contentment - they are always looking for some form of intellectual stimulant outside themselves - be it the Internet, e-mail, their cell phone, a good book, the polite co-worker who just wants them to shut up, etc., etc.  Self-love means slowing down enough to really listen to themselves - their inner and outer voices.

Taurus is a naturally loving sign, especially the sensual pleasures of life - good food, good sex, good music, beautiful surroundings and the money to buy them.  The Taurus who is still looking for love outside themselves can be too fixated on making money to buy such pleasures or to just to feel more secure, a hopeless endeavor.  On the other hand, the Taurus grounded in love savors the beauty and joy in every moment and interaction (or inaction).

Aries seek to validate themselves through action and bold living.  An insecure Aries is boastful, competitive, aggressive, and can be quite obnoxious.  By contrast, the enthusiasm and spontaneity of a mature and self-loving Aries is quite contagious but can be exhausting to the more lethargic signs.  A self-assured Aries stands up for what they believe.  If this sign can learn to lead and inspire themselves as well as they do others, they can be beacons of light for us all.

*Echo is a monthly newspaper about community, the environment, health, cuisine, and spirituality that is distributed in central Virginia.
Good Timing and Location are Keys to Success

Gary Brand, Traditional Astrologer
Tallahassee, Florida

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