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by Gary Brand - written July 15, 2005,
published in the August 2005 edition of Echo* newspaper

Composite of Jupiter with its four largest moons shown
to scale and compared to Jupiter's Great Red Spot hurricane. Composite of the Jovian system with its four largest moons, known as the Galilean moons because they were discovered by Galileo Galilei, shown to scale and compared to Jupiter's Great Red Spot hurricane.  They are, from top to bottom, Io, Europa (the size of Earth's Moon), Ganymede (the largest moon in our solar system) and Callisto.  The Galileo spacecraft took the Jupiter, Io and Ganymede images in June 1996 and photographed Europa in September 1996.  The Callisto image was taken by the Voyager spacecraft during its 1979 flyby.  Courtesy of NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute.
Jupiter trine Neptune permeates the entire month of August.  This aspect (or the conjunction) occurs every four years and typically lasts, on and off, for not quite a year.  It offers opportunities to expand our spiritual aspirations and insights.  I hope you have been tuned into this because August is the tail end of it.  This month is a wonderful time to open yourself to the potential of a spiritual teacher entering your life.  Seek sources of inspiration and spend more time on them.  Because Neptune is in Aquarius, this is a humanistic influence and, because Jupiter is in Libra, this is an excellent time to pursue social justice.  The more we are able to express our compassion during this month and extend a helping hand to those who are suffering or who need our help, the more we will feel deeply satisfied with our efforts.  In today's world, it is easy to become self-absorbed and forget that we are really divinely inspired Light Beings who are here to share our individual enlightenment with each other and with the natural world.  This aspect is about laughing in the face of adversity but is not about taking foolish risks or idly standing by while greater forces roll right over you.  It is about inspired innovation so personal big steps in the direction of social improvement will bear much fruit.  Trines are inherently beneficial but inactive so the more proactive you are, the more benefits you will derive from this one.

Jupiter also conjoins the South Node of the Moon virtually all month.  The frequency of this influence is once every 11 years.  The other planetary aspects in this forecast occur once or twice a year.  Jupiter conjunct the Moon's South Node brings out the rebel in those of us who buck the prevailing culture.  If you rebel against cultural norms and fads, this month is a time to celebrate your uniqueness and to look for other misfits.  Remember that wood without any knots (or should that be nuts) to interrupt the grain is not nearly as beautiful as knotty wood!  This aspect is reminiscent of an adventure into the past or into your personal history.  This month is a great opportunity to take a voyage back in time, whether it be visiting some old place or structure from the distant past or learning about your family history.

Mischievous Mercury continues to retrograde (appearing to move backwards) until August 15 (it began in early July), though the effect will linger nigh through month's end when it resumes more normal speed.  It almost backtracks into a conjunction with Saturn around August 15 so find the problems with a situation but avoid a critical tone.  Mercury opposes Neptune twice this month, the first time July 27 - August 5 while it is retrograde and again August 24 - 28.  This is a difficult combination because Mercury represents our ability to organize, convey, discern, and analyze whereas Neptune is diffuse, unorganized, nebulous, and absent-minded.  One of the greatest pitfalls of this influence is assuming anything.  Better to verify, repeat for clarity and emphasis, confirm, and request feedback.  For example, frequently say in serious conversation, "This is what I heard you say. What did you hear me say?"

For those who need a review of what Mercury retrograde means, it is a time of greater than usual potential for misunderstanding, miscommunication, misspelling, misinterpreting, misconstruing, mispronouncing, missed appointments, klutziness, computer and electronic problems, traffic delays, and car repairs.  Pay more attention to details and slow down.  Catch up on correspondence, cleaning, organizing, reviewing, etc.  Look for misplaced items.  Also, you can read my article about Mercury Retrograde if you want to know more.

Mercury squares Mars for an extended period, August 10 - 29, because it is moving so slowly during this period.  This aspect will activate our minds and tongues.  Running errands, writing in spurts, arguing, or debating are great ways to pass this time but take your anger and impatience out in the exercise arena rather than behind the wheel while on the cell phone.  There will be more accidents and tempers will be short so drive more defensively and don't let what others say bug you so much.  If you must rant and rave, do it in a constructive fashion or before a receptive audience.  If you are the recipient of some hothead's rage, take pity upon them, ignore their ravings, and ask yourself why they picked you (do you subconsciously want to fight?).

Mars squares Saturn on July 31 but the influence persists at least through August 7.  This is one of the most challenging aspects for me personally and for those who are destined to learn patience, even if it takes several lifetimes.  Mars symbolizes our need for action and the pursuit of our desires and Saturn stands squarely in the way at this time.  This is the ultimate slowdown when nothing seems to move or go as planned or desired.  Don't try to overcome obstacles, wait for them to abate.  Any pent-up frustrations will bubble to the surface so have some positive outlets.  Warm-up before strenuous exercise, don't try to physically show off, and pace yourself.  Don't let fear or feelings of inadequacy cripple you but also don't start anything important.  Confront authority at this time only if you must.  This transit is a test of whether you can be yourself in the face of adversity.

Mars squares Neptune August 21 - September 4.  If you are usually decisive, this transit will make even you wonder.  If you tend to doubt yourself or you suffer from allergies, this will be tough.  Avoid confrontations because the outcome is likely to discourage or disappoint you.  If you feel excessively fatigued, blame it on this aspect.  Dreams will be active, vivid, and probably exhausting. It's one of those times when you are not likely to feel rested when you awake.  Act on your faith.  Don't give up and don't give in if the issue is important to you.

While Mars sextiles Uranus at mid-month, from August 9 - 21, the time is right to try a new approach to an old resistance, to experiment, to be more impulsive, and to change the way you do something.  Pay attention when fresh insights or new perspectives present themselves and apply them in your daily life.  Expect yourself and others to be more unpredictable but intriguing.  Be more daring and a bit bizarre.

*Echo is a monthly newspaper about community, the environment, health, cuisine, and spirituality that is distributed in central Virginia.
Good Timing and Location are Keys to Success

Gary Brand, Traditional Astrologer
Tallahassee, Florida

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