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by Gary Brand - written November 10, 2008,
published in the December 2008 edition of Echo* newspaper

Run on American Union Bank in New York City A bank run on American Union Bank in New York City early in the Great Depression that began in 1929.  This bank openned in 1917 (the year that a Saturn opposite Uranus transit began) and went out of business on June 30, 1931 (during the last time that Uranus was square Pluto).  Copyright has expired; courtesy of Wikipedia.

Women demonstrating in front of the White House for the right to vote Women demonstrating in front of the White House for the right to vote.  In this 1918 photo (during a Saturn opposite Uranus transit), this peaceful demonstrator is being led away by a policeman, probably to jail.  Copyright has expired; courtesy of the Library of Congress.

1873 financial panic in New York City Depiction of the financial panic on September 19, 1873 (shortly after a Saturn opposite Uranus transit began and shortly before a Uranus square Pluto transit began) at the intersection of Wall and Broad Streets in New York City.  This view shows the Western Union Telegraph Office on the left, Jay Cooke and Co. Bank in the center and the U.S. Sub-Treasury building on the right.  Copyright has expired; courtesy of the Library of Congress.
 am ecstatic!  For the first time since the election of John F. Kennedy, I am excited and enthused about the president-elect and his platform.  For the first time since the 1960 election (I think Jimmy Carter is a good man but he was not an effective politician), there is genuine hope for the future of the average American, despite the economic meltdown that has just begun.  Barack Obama truly cares about those of us whose lives are not focused upon amassing or protecting great wealth and power.  He is a humanitarian who symbolizes Uranus (see my analysis of Barack Obama's birth chart) – the planet representing change, fresh perspective, insight, innovation, cooperation, and ingenuity – in the Saturn opposite Uranus transit of which I began to write in last month’s article (Saturn Opposite Uranus in Our Lives).

I am also indebted to my friend Rachel Bagby (and I am fortunate to count her among my friends) for opening my eyes to the shift that this election represents.  It is truly a shift in consciousness that beckons us to open our eyes and hearts to seek the common ground we all share as human beings instead of dwelling on our differences.  As with every Saturn opposite Uranus transit, the times are changing and, though there will be resistance to those changes, reforms that favor all but the few are ahead.  This is foretold by the progressive legislation passed and implemented during and immediately after the two previous Saturn opposite Uranus transits of 1965-1966 (the Voting Rights Act and the Social Security Act that created Medicare and Medicaid) and 1917-1919 (Congress approved the 19th Constitutional Amendment granting women the right to vote, established standard time in the time zones and daylight savings time during the latter part of World War I, and preserved the Grand Canyon as a National Park).

Among the more disturbing representations of Uranus are aberrations, upheavals, accidents, the unforeseen, agitation, uncertainty, blizzards, surprises (most people don’t really like surprises), calamities, strikes, catastrophes, schisms, crises, riots, disasters, panic, disruptions, outbreaks, divorces, interruptions, earthquakes, interferences, extremes, hurricanes, demonstrations and inconsistencies.  During the current Saturn opposite Uranus transit, we will all be called upon by our country (Saturn squares Sun in the U.S. chart), by necessity (Saturn), or by our career (Saturn) to stretch (symbolized by the opposition) to find means of coping and contending (Uranus), or even sometimes preventing (Saturn) the preceding.  How can we do this?  By using the more positive representations of Uranus, such as versatility, adaptation, revising the outdated, altruism, unprecedented approaches, adjustment, crossing thresholds, inventions, diversification, originality, pioneering spirit, experimentation, progressivism, reformation, discovery, research, and exploration.  Sometimes the outcomes will be Uranian, such as unexpected, occasionally nothing short of miraculous; the answer may sometimes be socialism, or unconventional or unusual; and often paradoxes and contradictions will be encountered (these are all Uranus keywords).

Saturn is a major economic indicator, but it is bearish, indicating pessimism, panic selling, and economic contraction.  Jupiter, the economic counterbalance to Saturn, represents optimism, bullishness, manic buying (the real estate and stock market bubbles for example), and economic expansion.  During most of 2008, Jupiter is trine Saturn so this year is not as difficult as some of the years ahead.  Everything in nature and in this world requires balance to survive, and economies are no exception.  For every economic boom, there inevitably must be a bust and, for every period of economic growth, there inevitably must be a period of contraction and decline.  Nothing grows forever and everything comes to an end, including this unprecedented period of economic growth that began during World War II.  Prior to the Great Depression, deep recessions or depressions (often called financial panics) cyclically occurred about every 30 years.  But this time it has been over 60 years without one so we are likely headed into a really big one, at least as deep and as long as the last one.  Although this may sound terrible and it certainly is not a pleasant prospect, if we reflect upon the beginning of the last two depressions, they will give us insight into the present one.

The fascinating dynamic of this Saturn opposite Uranus transit is the harmonics or periodicity of concurrence with the Uranus-Pluto cycle.  The so-called “Great Financial Panic” began with the stock market panic of 1873 and lasted through early 1879.  The Saturn opposite Uranus transit of 1873-1875 immediately preceded and was partially coincident with a Uranus square Pluto transit, which lasted from late 1874 through most of 1878 (concurrent with both the Saturn-Uranus and Uranus-Pluto transits).  The next Uranus square Pluto transit began in 1929 and lasted through early 1935, so it ushered in the Great Depression and presided over the 90% decline in U.S. stock markets from 1929-1932.  Despite the severity of the Great Depression, the Uranus square Pluto transit during the early 1930s did not begin with a Saturn opposite Uranus transit.  However, the present Saturn opposite Uranus transit from 2008-2010, once again, precedes a Uranus square Pluto transit from 2010-2018 (in the same manner as the 1873-1879 depression).  Hey, I’m just the messenger so put the blame where it belongs – on the Republicans, Greenspan and Bush.  But don’t be depressed either!  For out of the decline of our economy (and the world’s) will rise a new order not unlike the “New Deal” begun by FDR that was conceived of and implemented during the last Great Depression.  Here is the real hope for the future – that President Obama will be the next FDR (rather than the next JFK).  The necessities of these hard times (Saturn opposite Uranus) will force sweeping changes (Uranus square Pluto) like banking reform laws, stock market regulation, emergency relief programs, new government agencies (the New Deal created the FDIC, FHA, SEC, and TVA), and massive, infrastructure-building, government programs, like the Work Projects Administration (WPA) and the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) of the 1930s, that will employ millions of presently and future unemployed Americans as these programs did during that depression.

President Obama has employed the inspirational phrase, “Yes, we can” to engage and enthuse us to create a movement of change and sweeping reform that will rival or perhaps surpass the great progress achieved through the New Deal legislation.  This is our hope, and our challenge and our destiny as a nation, as a world, and as a species!

*Echo is a monthly newspaper about community, the environment, health, cuisine, spiritual and other realities that is distributed in central Virginia.
Good Timing and Location are Keys to Success

Gary Brand, Traditional Astrologer
Tallahassee, Florida

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