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by Gary Brand - written October 15, 2005,
published in the November 2005 edition of Echo* newspaper, with some additions
This chart is for November 6, 2005, which is the peak of the grand cross that lasted from about October 31 - November 11.  It does not include houses because they are irrelavent and it only includes the four planets involved in the cross (in clockwise order):  Mars, Saturn, Sun and Neptune.  The red lines in the center clearly show the cross and you can think of the Earth as being at the center.

Photo-mosaic of Neptune's hurricanes from two
images taken by Voyager 2 on August 24, 1989 This photo-mosaic of Neptune is from two images taken by Voyager 2 on August 24, 1989 through green and clear filters.  Neptune's largest hurricane, the Great Dark Spot, is accompanied by bright, white clouds.  The other major hurricane near the bottom of the image is called "Dark Spot 2," which has a bright core.  Courtesy of NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute.

This chart is for December 27, 2005, which is the peak of the grand cross that lasted from about December 4, 2005 - January 17, 2006.  It does not include houses because they are irrelavent and it only includes the four planets involved in the cross (in clockwise order):  Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune.  The red lines in the center clearly show the cross and you can think of the Earth as being at the center.
 grand cross is a configuration in the sky of four planets literally forming a cross, with the Earth in the center (so we will all bear these crosses).  The period of time in which a grand cross forms varies according to the planets involved and the degrees (orb) between the two planets most widely separated.  For example, the chart to the left for November 6, 2005 (the peak date of this cross) shows four planets in the cross (the other planets are excluded to better view the grand cross) and the separation between Saturn at 1105' and Mars at 1509' is only 4, making it a very powerful grand cross.  Grand crosses that don't include the Moon are rare - the last one was the grand cross eclipse of August 1999 (and the six months following this eclipse were filled with natural disasters and personal hardships - see my article entitled Solar Eclipse Duration of Effect for more) - and it is even more rare for three grand crosses to form within the course of just three months, as is happening October 2005 - January 2006!

The key component of all three grand crosses is Saturn opposite Neptune.  This opposition occurs every 35 years.  It begins this fall but doesn't reach its maximum intensity until late 2006 through early 2007.  Neptune represents inflation so we can expect increasing interest rates and prices, fueled by the inflated cost of oil (oil is Neptune).  Fear will be a prominent emotion because it is symbolized by both of these planets.  We have already seen this aspect manifest as fear that bird flu will soon mutate into a lethal human pandemic.  Neptune represents both the flu and our immune systems, which will be challenged by the stressful aspects from Saturn and the other planets of the grand crosses.  Neptune also symbolizes floods, whether caused by hurricanes or persistent rain, and we will see more flooding and hurricanes in the coming months.  During this opposition (and, especially during the grand crosses), illusions are difficult to distinguish from reality and self-doubt or depression can be problematic. Simplifying our lives may become a necessity (Saturn) for many, as it was during the Great Depression (symbolized by Saturn) and during the mid-1970s oil embargo.  Inflation (Neptune) in September rose a whopping 1.2% (14% annualized), the greatest one-month increase in 25 years.  Now is a time for practical spirituality, for these crosses will certainly test our faith and beliefs.  However, circumstances often appear worse than they really are under a challenging Saturn-Neptune influence.

The last time Saturn opposed Neptune was in 1971-1972.  During 1971, Nixon imposed a 90-day freeze on wages and prices in an attempt to control spiraling inflation and improve the U.S. trade deficit and a cyclone and tidal wave killed 10,000 people in Bengal.  In 1972 a shortage of oil products first became apparent as U.S. oil production peaked and our dependence on foreign oil deepened so the Saturn-Neptune opposition foreshadowed the oil embargo and energy crisis of 1974-1975.  The Watergate debacle also began to unfold in 1972 so this opposition represents political scandal and secrets surfacing that are damaging to the power mongers (as of this writing, Karl Rove and Chaney's chief of staff, Scooter Libby, may be indicted by a grand jury). Hurricane Agnes also struck in 1972, causing $1.7 billion damage.  The Saturn-Neptune opposition before that was in 1935-1936 when Japan invaded China, in part to obtain a nearby source of oil and floods swept through Johnstown, Pennsylvania.  During the next previous Saturn-Neptune opposition, the 1900 hurricane that struck Galveston, Texas drowned 6,000.

We have already survived the first, weakest and briefest grand cross (October 17-21, 2005), which involved Mercury opposite Mars both squaring the Saturn-Neptune opposition (not pictured here).  Arguments and mental restlessness are characteristic but the urge to speak out is frustrated or words fall on deaf ears.  Since Mars is square Saturn in all three crosses, we can expect frustrations, delays, obstacles, tensions, irritations, anxieties, discouragements, failures, and suppressed anger during the periods of these crosses. Impulsive or premature actions will likely result in the need to repeat or start something over.  Our past actions are up for review - better to forgive ourselves instead of feeling guilty.  Mars is retrograde (or very slow) during all three grand crosses - not a good time to start new projects (if you have a choice) because what we initiate when Mars is retrograde, which began October 1, 2005, we often lose interest in it after Mars turns direct on December 9, 2005 (EST).  Don't let authority figures stomp on your self-image.

Another aspect contained in all three grand crosses is Mars square Neptune, which can bring defeats, discouragement, defensiveness, self-doubt, avoidance, deception, or infections.  This aspect and the Mars-Saturn square are both low energy and make sleep more restless and relaxation more difficult.  Conserve your energy, confront your fears and failures, be honest with yourself, and don't expect support or encouragement from others.

The second cross is at its strongest October 31 - November 11, 2005 with the peak on November 6 (see the chart at top left), and consists of Sun opposite Mars both square the Saturn-Neptune opposition.  Arguments, disputes, disagreements, tensions, covert hostility, and possible defeats characterize the Sun-Mars opposition and these energies are frustrated (or fueled) by their squares to Saturn and Neptune.  Thus, we may feel compelled to confront someone but our fear of the consequences inhibits us. Be careful that you are not the cause of your ruination and don't let your ego be the reason for your conflicts.  We can expect all kinds of political problems, resentments and eruptions around the world.

The third, most powerful and most persistent grand cross, from the beginning of December through mid-January (it peaks December 27, 2005) consists of Mars opposite Jupiter both square Saturn opposite Neptune (see the chart below the image of Neptune).  Ordinarily, such a cross would last a brief two weeks but this one is very prolonged because after Mars turns direct it moves very slowly forward, at a speed comparable to one of the ponderous planets.  The positive side of this cross is that it includes Jupiter so, although difficult, it will not be devastating.  Usually, Mars opposite Jupiter is optimistic and can represent successful breakthroughs but this will be tempered and offset by their squares to Saturn and Neptune.  Overestimating, overreaching, overbearing, domineering or selfish behavior will result in setbacks, conflicts and disappointments.  Jupiter square Saturn means extremes, such as up vs. down (stock markets), optimism vs. pessimism, encouragement vs. discouragement, justice vs. injustice, and expansion vs. contraction (economic).  This aspect and Saturn opposite Neptune both portend much uncertainty.  Practice your faith and your patience during these challenging crosses.

*Echo is a monthly newspaper about community, the environment, health, cuisine, and spirituality that is distributed in central Virginia.
Good Timing and Location are Keys to Success

Gary Brand, Traditional Astrologer
Tallahassee, Florida

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