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by Gary Brand - written January 11, 2009,
published in the February 2009 edition of Echo* newspaper
Saturn opposite Uranus in the U.S. birth chart This is the U.S. birth chart in the inner wheel and the transiting Saturn opposition to Uranus at the time of the 2009 presidential inauguration in the outer wheel.  Note that transiting Saturn is conjunct Neptune and square the position of Mars in the U.S. chart, while transiting Uranus is opposite the position of Neptune and square the position of Mars in the U.S. chart.  Transiting Neptune is included in the outer wheel because it is conjunct the U.S. Moon.  The red lines in the center of the chart denote these aspects.

Eviction of WWI veterans from a Eviction of the "Bonus Army" of WWI veterans by the U.S. Army (commanded by Gen. Douglas MacArthur) from a "Hooverville" they constructed within sight of the Capitol in Washington, DC.  The veterans were attempting to get Congress to pay bonuses early (because many were unemployed during the Great Depression) that had been promised to them but that were not payable until 1945.  This photo was taken July 28, 1932, during the preceding Uranus square Pluto transit.  This illustrates that sometimes the only way to force our government to act is by persistent protest and demonstration (the WWI vets did get Congress to pay them early).  Copyright has expired; courtesy of Wikipedia.

This is a color portrait of Jupiter's "Little Red Spot," which is the second largest storm on the planet and about 70% the size of Earth.  This view is a composite of multiple images captured nearly simultaneously on February 27, 2007 by two cameras separated by a very great distance.  It combines high-resolution images shot by the New Horizons spacecraft on its way to a Pluto rendevous in 2015 with color images taken by Hubble Space Telescope.  Although it doesn't look very red, the Little Red Spot began to change color in 2005.  Clouds in the Little Red Spot rotate counterclockwise, the opposite direction to hurricane rotation on Earth, because it is a high-pressure storm, which is also the opposite of low-pressure hurricanes on Earth.  Courtesy of NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Southwest Research Institute
s I pointed out in my last article, the astrological chart of the moment a president is sworn in and assumes office is a key indicator of what that presidential term will be like.  In my last article, I began to delineate the 2009 Barack Obama inauguration chart and I will complete that analysis now.  One of the interesting things about this inauguration chart is that Venus is at 17 degrees of Pisces as it was in the 2001 (George W. Bush), 1993 (Bill Clinton), 1985 (Ronnie Reagan), 1977 (Jimmy Carter), 1969 (Dick Nixon), 1961 (JFK), and 1953 (Dwight Eisenhower) inaugural charts.  Can you guess what all of these inaugurations have in common, except the one in 1985?  I will tell you later in the article.  The reason for this repetition is that Venus returns to the same degree of the zodiac on the same day of the year (or within two days) every eight years.  This is called a recurrence cycle and this eight year interval is called Venus’ minor or least period in traditional astrology.  Another recurrence cycle in inauguration charts is the 12-year Jupiter cycle – every 3rd inauguration (every 12 years) – Jupiter is in the 10th house.  This pattern began with the 1985 inauguration and signifies an economic boldness and ambition to initiate a new era:  with Reagan it was Reaganomics, dismantling of social programs and governmental regulation, and an attempt to legislate a balanced Federal budget; with the 1993 inauguration of Clinton it was a balanced budget and a Federal surplus; and with the 2009 inauguration of Barack Obama it will be trying to build a new economy (while the old one perishes).  The blessing this time (2009) is that Jupiter is in Aquarius (it was in Capricorn in past inauguration charts) where it will provide an abundance of progressive, innovative, inventive ideas and an open-minded president and government.  What do these two financial planets have to do with the new economy?  Venus (exalted, meaning exemplified, in Pisces) in the 11th house, conjunct Uranus, and Jupiter in the 10th house in Aquarius means that innovation, progress, experimentation, and altruism will set the theme for the new economy.

In my last article, some of my readers may have thought that only doom and gloom loom in our future, given the dismal economic outlook.  If you are a greedy capitalist, the future does, indeed, look dark.  On the other hand, if you are like most people I know (who are gradually moving toward a simpler, less consumptive lifestyle), the future is bright and you can’t wait for avarice-driven, multinational corporations to collapse into oblivion.  I can remember accompanying my father when I was a child (in the 1950s) as he ran his errands.  Most of the stores we visited were locally owned and managed by the owner.  They called my father by name and knew his likes and dislikes.  These entrepreneurs of “the good old days” knew that if they treated their employees and customers well, their business would succeed, grow and prosper.  Do you think the board members and executives of huge corporations (they are the old economy) care about each of us consumers?  The answer is – only en masse.  All they really care about is their bottom line.  The objective of these people is to maintain power and make obscene amounts of money and it doesn’t matter whether they perform poorly or not in the process!

I promised earlier to reveal what all of the above presidential inaugurations have in common – they are all first terms, except Reagan’s in 1985.  All of these inauguration charts have Venus in Pisces (where Venus is very strong – Pisces is the sign of its exaltation and Venus is a ruler of the water triplicity), indicating the idealism of these presidential 1st terms.  Venus is in the 11th house of all of these inauguration charts so these are periods in our history (if a Democrat has just been elected) when our government is more caring and compassionate (Venus in Pisces) and the passage of humanitarian legislation (11th house) is more likely.  The collective good is emphasized.

What does the Saturn opposite Uranus transit in the U.S. birth chart (July 4, 1776 at 2:23 PM, the time pictured on the clock tower of Independence Hall on the reverse side of the $100 bill (read The Real U.S. Chart to see why Gary uses this time for the U.S. chart) say about our old and new economies?  These two “heavy” planets are in hard aspect to Mars in the U.S. chart (they both square it in 2008-2009 and Uranus continues to square it through much of 2010).  Mars symbolizes the military, warfare, manufacturing, the energy industry, developers, and law enforcement so the squares from Saturn and Uranus signify stress and further demands placed upon the U.S. military (hopefully not a new war), further contraction (Saturn) of the manufacturing and housing development sectors or drastic changes (Uranus), conflicts (the squares) over resources or interrupted (Uranus) or restricted (Saturn) supply in the energy industry, and greater demands (the squares) placed on fewer (Saturn) law enforcers.

These are some ideas of what we can each do to create the new economy and to protect ourselves as the old economy crumbles:  (1) enjoy today and appreciate what we have today, (2) put our money in small, fiscally sound, local banks or credit unions (where the employees know us personally), (3) appreciate and strengthen our support system of friends and/or family (when hard times come, we will need to rely on each other more), (4) stock up on food and other necessities in anticipation of inflation in the future, (5) help others who are struggling or are in need – this is good karma and we may need help ourselves in the times ahead, (6) make do with what we have instead of replacing it with the latest fashion or updated gadget, (7) save more money, (8) pay off debts, (9) withdraw all our money from the stock markets and put it in savings, certificates of deposit, precious metals, or assets with intrinsic value to protect it, (10) be more self-reliant and resourceful, (11) e-mail our elected representatives with ideas we have about how to create the new economy (this is the “age of input”), and (12) avoid buying from corporate giants like Wal-Mart because they have huge energy footprints, they outsource jobs overseas, they buy inferior quality products from overseas, they pay their top executives absurd amounts of money, and they pay paltry wages for low-income, boring, unfulfilling jobs.

*Echo is a monthly newspaper about community, the environment, health, cuisine, spiritual and other realities that is distributed in central Virginia.
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Gary Brand, Traditional Astrologer
Tallahassee, Florida

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