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by Gary Brand - written in May, June, September & October 2007,
published in the June, July, October & November 2007 editions of Echo* newspaper

The far side of the Moon, taken by the crew of Apollo 16 in
April 1972 Astrologically, the Moon symbolizes home and family.  This image of some of the far side of the Moon was taken by the crew of Apollo 16 in April 1972.  The part of the image on the left with the dark areas, called "Mares" (meaning seas), is visible from Earth and has relatively few craters but the side of the Moon that perpetually faces away from the Earth (called the far side) is heavily cratered.  Courtesy of NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute.
ost of the following saga of Gary's move from Charlottesville, Virginia back to Tallahassee, Florida was written on May 10, 2007 and was published in the June 2007 edition of Echo* newspaper.  Notations are added to later additions to the story stating when they were written and in what edition of Echo they were published.

Every morning during the month of May this year, I had the same recurring nightmare.  I dreamt that my wife had been laid off from the independent contractor position she held for the last 3½ years (because the owner was downgrading – they call it “downsizing” – an all too familiar theme in today’s corporate-dominated plutocracy).  In my nightmare, my mother-in-law is experiencing difficulty in walking up and down stairs (she is in her mid-eighties) and my wife has been lamenting for the past year that she wishes we lived closer to her family.  Since her mother, both of my stepdaughters and both of my wife’s brothers and their families all live in Albany, Georgia, this lamentation meant living closer to that town.

Then the dream took a twist when the mother-in-law of one of my stepdaughters suddenly died.  My wife flew to Albany (where the deceased also lived) to help her daughter with the funeral and the immediate consequences of a death in the family.  While she was there we talked on the phone daily because we were in the process of determining what to do in the aftermath of her layoff.  During one of these difficult conversations, my wife described encountering two doctors with whom she worked as a psychotherapist in a group practice when she lived there years ago.  I heard the exuberance and enthusiasm in her voice as she explained that it would be a lot easier for her to find a job in her field there because of the people she and her family know there.  In this unwanted dream from which I want to awaken, I perceptively heard her voice change to a tone with some anxiety and despair as she said that she doesn’t have contacts or know that many people in Charlottesville and that it will be difficult to find a good-paying job or independent contractor position here.

My dream heart sank as it dawned on me that she wants to move to Albany (or to nearby Tallahassee, Florida where we lived before moving to Charlottesville)!  I confronted her with this, the other end of the line fell silent, and then the psychotherapist in her said, “I will have to look at that” (translation:  OK, you’re right but I’m not ready to admit to that yet).  Anyway, my dream-self realized that, if I want to remain with my wife, I’m moving to Georgia or Florida.  Once I was resigned to my fate, I began to call my friends and clients to convey my sad news.  They made valiant attempts to suggest ways that I might remain in Charlottesville, but in the end, no other feasible solution survived scrutiny.  I sank into a state of despair as I thought about all the people I will miss, the events and opportunities that Charlottesville offers, and all the activities (like hiking in the mountains) I’ve enjoyed.  As I grasped for anything to look forward to in my dark future, my body returned to consciousness and I breathed a sigh of relief that this was all just a bad dream!  But wait!  Reality dawned as I realized it wasn’t a dream!  I was living this nightmare night and day!  My wife really was laid off and we really were moving away from Charlottesville!!

You are probably wondering, “Where is Albany?"  It is in rural, southwest Georgia.  The intersection of "Lonesome" and "Hardup" streets in this town speaks volumes about it!  Fortunately, it is only 90 miles from Tallahassee, Florida where I lived for 21 years so as soon as my wife finds a job and we find a house we can move our belongings there (Tallahassee is more progressive than southwest Georgia).  Since I am an astrologer, you might also wonder if I saw this coming.  Yes, I did but I didn’t want to admit that the transits in our birth charts were likely to mean an unwanted move (although my wife wanted to be closer to her family, she didn’t want to leave Charlottesville either).  This is the problem with being my own astrologer (like a self-diagnosing doctor or a self-defending lawyer).  I didn’t want to face moving from this wonderful place and the fantastic people I know in Charlottesville.

The influences in my chart indicating a surprise move are transiting Uranus (the current position of the planet) conjunct my Sun and Mercury and squaring my Uranus.  I was born with Uranus in my fourth house (my home) and the ruler of my Gemini fourth house is Mercury so transiting Uranus is hitting them both.  This means sudden, unexpected, shocking disruptions in or pertaining to my home – often resulting in big adjustments to a new environment signified by an unwanted move!  Similar transits from Uranus occurred in 1965-1966 (transiting Uranus opposed my Sun and Mercury and squared my Uranus) when I left home to attend an all male college in a small town, pledged then quit an abusive fraternity, and transferred to my alma mater, the University of Missouri, where I was much happier (I moved three times in a one-year span after living in the same childhood home for 13 years).  Transiting Uranus conjunct Sun in my chart speaks volumes about changes in my identity and self-expression that lie ahead, similar to the years 1965-1966.  Herein lies the hope and expectation that my impending move under the current Uranus transit will somehow result in a happier life as the previous transit did many years ago!  Astrology is such a blessing because I can see these patterns and know what to expect when they repeat – even though I may not like the events.

The influences are different for my wife but with the same result.  Transiting Uranus is squaring her Mars, ruler of her Aries fourth house (home), signifying a sudden, unexpected and unwanted move!  She was born with Mars in her sixth house of work so the preceding transit and transiting Mars square her Uranus in her sixth house (astrologers call this a double whammy when a transit is repeated like this) both mean a surprising and disruptive event pertaining to (or potential loss of) her job.  Also, transiting Saturn is conjunct Jupiter (ruler of her ascendant) and Moon in her chart.  The Moon represents her mother and family in general, her home, and her means of support so this Saturn transit signifies an unwanted move born out of duty and responsibility to her family (especially her mother) and prompted by necessity (loss of her financial support).  Jupiter in our chart represents good fortune, opportunities, and optimism about the future but transiting Saturn conjunct my wife’s Jupiter subdues, mitigates and obfuscates these qualities.  In short, it can and in this case does mean a reversal of good fortune!  Furthermore, with transiting Saturn conjunct the ruler of her ascendant (fatigue) and transiting Neptune conjunct my ascendant (fatigue, sleep), both of us just want to go to sleep and forget about this nightmare!

[The following two paragraphs were written on June 10, 2007 and were published in the July 2007 edition of Echo* newspaper.]

I reluctantly moved from Charlottesville on May 24, 2007.  Although this move was partly the result of my wife wanting to be closer to her elderly mother and partly because she was suddenly and somewhat unexpectedly laid-off from her job, the changes in our lives didn’t end with the relocation.  When my wife was laid-off, I informed her (based on transiting Jupiter trine the positions of Jupiter and Moon in her birth chart) that the month of May was the last window of opportunity to find a good job until October so, on a hunch, she called a former employer in Tallahassee, Florida (where we lived before moving to Charlottesville, Virginia) to see if he had any job openings.  To her surprise (transiting Uranus, surprise, is square her Mars in the 6th house, jobs), he not only had an open position commensurate with her education and experience with a higher salary and benefits (unlike the independent contractor position she lost in Charlottesville, which had no benefits) but he wanted to interview her as soon as we moved.  On May 27, he interviewed her and offered her the position on the spot, with the potential for advancing into an even better paying and more prestigious position in the near future (another reversal of fortune)!

While this is certainly a good development, it means further changes are in store for us because Tallahassee is 90 miles from Albany (where I am temporarily staying in my step-daughter's house) – too far to commute.  At the time of this writing (June 10), my wife is frantically looking for a temporary place to stay during the workweek but she drives to Albany to spend the weekends.  When she finishes her workday at her new job, she looks at any houses that seem suitable to rent or buy in or near Tallahassee.  When we find the right house, we will move our belongings to Tallahassee from whence we came, before moving to Charlottesville nine years ago.  I don’t know what it is about Tallahassee (maybe Saturn opposite Sun and Moon in the city’s birth chart - to read what constitutes the birth of a city, see When Is a City Born?) but of the hundreds of friends, clients and acquaintances I had (and still have there), about 40% have moved away and then moved back to that city, often years later!  Living in Tallahassee means that my wife will be close enough to her family (a two hour drive) to frequently visit them and we can eventually move her mother to a smaller, one-story dwelling.  In the meantime, our lives continue in a state of flux (indicated by strong Uranus influences in each of our birth charts) and many of our belongings remain in boxes until we relocate to Tallahassee.

[The following paragraph was written on September 10, 2007 and was published in the October 2007 edition of Echo* newspaper.]

Here is the latest update in the ongoing saga of my move to Tallahassee, Florida.  My wife found a temporary place to stay during the workweek and she drives to Albany on the weekends.  Meanwhile, our lives continue in a state of flux (indicated by strong Uranus influences in each of our birth charts).  A sign of the changes wrought (a Uranus term) by this planet is the fact that both of the houses in which my wife and I are staying are for sale!  This creates some pressure, but of uncertain (a Uranus keyword) duration, for us to find a house in or near Tallahassee and, as of this writing, we have not found the right house.  In May, I predicted that it would be October before we move to Tallahassee (when Jupiter crosses my wife’s ascendant and trines her Moon and Jupiter – making it one of the best times in her life to find a wonderful home and move).

[The following final episode in Gary's moving saga was written on October 10, 2007 and was published in the November 2007 edition of Echo* newspaper.]

I am happy to report that, after four months of intensive looking, my wife and I found a house that we both like about three miles east of Tallahassee and we moved there on October 6, 2007.  In May of this year [2007], I predicted that we wouldn't move to Tallahassee until October, when favorable Jupiter transits in my wife's birth chart were destined to occur.  These included transiting Jupiter conjunct her ascendent and trine the positions of the Moon and Jupiter in her birth chart.  These Jupiter transits are ideal for finding a wonderful house and for moving.  The house we found fits 92% of the 60 criteria on our list for our ideal house.  We would have found an even more ideal home in late October because the Jupiter transits in her chart were strongest then but we decided not to hold out any longer.

Though I have moved, I am still only a phone call away.

*Echo is a monthly newspaper about community, the environment, health, cuisine, and spirituality that is distributed in central Virginia.
Good Timing and Location are Keys to Success

Gary Brand, Traditional Astrologer
Tallahassee, Florida

© copyright 2007-2013 Gary Brand.  All Rights Reserved.