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by Gary Brand - written December 17, 2004,
published in the January 2005 edition of Echo* newspaper

Computer generated montage shows Neptune as it would
appear from a spacecraft approaching Triton, Neptune's largest moon This computer generated montage shows Neptune as it would appear from a spacecraft approaching Triton, Neptune's largest moon (in the foreground).  These images were taken by Voyager 2 and the enigmatic "cantaloupe" topography is shown at the top of the Triton image.  Triton has the coldest known surface in the Solar System:   -391 Farenheit.  Courtesy of NASA/JPL/USGS.
his article is my assessment of what the year 2005 has in store for us.  Usually, I am not thankful when a particular year passes but 2004 is an exception.  The year 2004 was difficult for me because of a number of challenging aspects from the three outermost planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) to five planets in my chart so I am thankful that, with the advent of another year, some relief from these planets will finally arrive.

I always like to start the so-called "new year" by setting the record straight.  Until 1752, the beginning of the year was March 25 in England and the American colonies, and this date is, on average, five days after the beginning of spring (the equinox).  This made much more sense than January 1, which has no astrological or astronomical significance.  Astrologically, your "new year" begins when the Sun returns to the same position when you were born, typically on or within a day of your birthday. Consequently, it makes infinitely more sense to make "new year's resolutions" on your birthday rather than at the beginning of the calendar year - you are much more likely to keep them because they are much more likely to be meaningful.

As for 2005, a very important influence this year is Jupiter in Libra trine Neptune in Aquarius.  Both of these signs are of the air element, which is mental, thoughtful, social, versatile, and perceptive.  This trine will be most operative (using a 5 orb) from January through mid-April and from mid-July through mid-September.  Both Jupiter and Neptune are spiritually idealistic planets so what we can imagine in our minds can become our reality.  Inherent in this trine is the opening of our minds to new possibilities that some (myself included) would call enlightenment.  For most of us, enlightenment is a life-long process but 2005 could be a leap toward the light of understanding for some of us.  There will be more advancement in information technology like the announcement on December 15 by Google of an alliance with five libraries to put 17 million books on line - free (the Jupiter/Neptune trine began in November 2004).  This influence is ripe with enthusiasm, hopefulness and compassion.  Air signs are also humanitarian so look for ways to alleviate the burdens of others.  This year is a great opportunity to find a spiritual teacher or to be one for someone else.  This transit signifies the quest to further our understanding of the mysteries and real truths of life.  For example, this year holds a promise to better perceive our truly divine and co-creative nature and to use the strength of our faith to create our "reality."

Another aspect between the five outmost planets is Jupiter in a leading square with Saturn.  This square will impact upon us twice this year:  the first time is mid-January through most of March and the second is December through early January 2006. Interestingly, each time is in a different pair of signs so they will have a different set of meanings.  These planets are opposite in nature:  Jupiter symbolizes expansion while Saturn wants to cut back, Jupiter is explorative while Saturn is cautious, Jupiter is easy going but Saturn is uptight, Jupiter is optimistic while Saturn is pessimistic, Jupiter is moral but Saturn is self-serving, Jupiter is the idealist whereas Saturn is the realist, Jupiter seeks new experiences while Saturn clings to the past.  The square between them means that these and many other basic polarities within us and in the world will be in conflict with each other or vying for our attention. Despite the uncertainties they often bring, such tensions result in personal breakthroughs.  The Universe is urging us to liberate ourselves (Jupiter) in some fashion, if we can drop our resistance to change (Saturn).  When this square is operative, ask yourself which of these - Jupiter or Saturn - you are expressing most strongly.  The first instance of the square involves Jupiter in Libra (relationships and balance) and Saturn in Cancer (family and security) so these signs will provide the arenas in which these energies will express.  The second square late in the year is from Jupiter in Scorpio (sex and psychology) to Saturn in Leo (power and control), which will make this combination more troublesome but also with greater potential for dramatic shifts in consciousness.  This square says it's time to adjust, adapt and release the past.

During November and December, Jupiter in Scorpio will trine Uranus in Pisces, which will bring more potential for insightful breakthroughs.  This can also bring unexpected, surprising events that are real eye-openers.  It is very open-minded and new ideas and subjects can be quickly assimilated and patterns more easily discerned.  Freedom is a strong theme then. Opportunities that present themselves should be grasped without hesitation.  However, this aspect coincides with Saturn opposing Neptune (mid-October through December), which can bring up insecurities, pessimism and disillusionment.  Don't let fear (associated with both Saturn and Neptune) keep you from embracing some marvelous opportunity.  When Saturn is opposite Neptune, it is a great time to simplify your life and evaluate your progress toward accomplishing your ideals.  However, this can also be a time of doubts, guilt and remorse.  Don't take the criticism or judgment of others too much to heart (Saturn in Leo). Neptune is associated with oil so this could be the prelude to a restriction of our oil supply.  The last time this aspect occurred was in 1972 when the Watergate scandal began so another significant political (Saturn) scandal (Neptune) is likely.  The next most recent Saturn/Neptune opposition was in 1935-36 when FDR introduced the second phase of the New Deal, including Social Security, better housing, farm assistance, and more equitable taxation.  With Bush in power, we can expect pressure to rollback Social Security, tax reform and public housing benefits.  However, this opposition represents pressure upon the status quo and ingrained political powers (Saturn) from the people to move toward a more equitable, cooperative and helpful society (Neptune).  Those of us who feel compassion for one another in our souls (Neptune) must be willing to stand up for noble, humanistic ideals (Neptune) and not let the misguided, selfish fears of those in power (Saturn) prevail.

*Echo is a monthly newspaper about community, the environment, health, cuisine, and spirituality that is distributed in central Virginia.
Good Timing and Location are Keys to Success

Gary Brand, Traditional Astrologer
Tallahassee, Florida

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