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by Gary Brand - written July 11, 2009,
published in the August 2009 edition of Echo* newspaper
Iran birth chart for April 1, 1979 The birth chart of Iran based upon the date the Islamic Republic of Iran was proclaimed on
April 1, 1979, following a national referendum.  Because Gary does not presently know
what time of day this occurred, this chart includes no houses.

Iran's birth chart compared to the U.S. birth chart The U.S. birth chart compared to Iran's birth chart.  Note Iran's Sun in Aries squares the U.S. Sun and Iran's Pluto is conjunct U.S. Saturn and is square the U.S. Sun.  Also, Iran's Mars (strife, conflict) is square U.S. Mars and Iran's Saturn is square U.S. Uranus.  No wonder there is such conflict between these two nations and niether will do what the other wants!  In addition, there is a double Mars-Neptune opposition in the comparison: U.S. Mars is opposite Iran's Neptune and Iran's Mars is opposite U.S. Neptune, with Iran's Neptune square U.S. Neptune!  With these aspects, is it really any wonder that the beliefs, religions, ideals, and motivations of these nations are so divergent?

Iran's birth chart compared to Communist China's birth chart Communist China's birth chart compared to Iran's birth chart.  China's chart is in the inner wheel and the houses are for China while the outer wheel contains the planets in Iran's birth chart.  Note the Iranian planets in China's second house of resources and Iran's Jupiter in China's 7th house - these countries are important trading partners.
he Islamic Republic of Iran was created when the populace overwhelmingly approved an Islamic, theocratic republic form of government in a referendum, officially overthrowing the monarchy of Shah Pahlavi and installing the Ayatollah Khomeini as the Supreme Leader, according to a New York Times article (NYT, April 2, 1979).  Khomeini proclaimed April 1, 1979, ďthe first day of a Government of GodĒ and he also said on that date, ďI am declaring today the day of the Islamic Republic of IranĒ (Id.).  Today, this date is celebrated as the countryís independence day, which they also call national day.  I was unable to determine what time of day he made this declaration so the accompanying chart for Iran has no houses.  Iranís chart has a T-square (regardless of time of day):  the Moon squares (is perpendicular to) an opposition of Saturn and Venus.  This T-square represents the strict, traditional, Islamic control of women (Moon and Venus) Ė what they wear, what they arenít allowed to do, and the punishments for noncompliance.  The close square from the Moon to Saturn also symbolizes the governmentís tight control of the populace (Moon) and the suppression (Saturn) of the pursuit of money, idle pleasures, and indulgences (Venus and Moon), the very pursuits for which they fault Americans.

Why has there been such a popular uprising over the June 15th election results?  Because it was physically impossible for millions of paper ballots to have been counted the same day as the election (when the results were announced) or even within a week after it.  The astrology of the election that day reveals that transiting Uranus (its position in the sky) was conjunct Iranís Mars and Mercury.  This is the first time since the birth of the Islamic Republic that Uranus has conjoined these planets and the Uranus-Mars conjunction is a classical indicator of revolution or rebellion.  Transiting Uranus conjunct Iranís Mars, which began in 2008 and will continue through early 2011, symbolizes not just domestic demonstrations but also the nationís belligerent, defiant attitude toward the international community.  Although Iran is a very independent country because its Sun is in Aries and its Mercury and Mars are in a grand trine with Uranus and Jupiter (the latter are very autonomous planets), transiting Uranus in this grand trine is now manifesting the countryís innate independent qualities even stronger.

Iran was born at a time when Venus, Ceres, Mars and Mercury were in Pisces, a religious, sometimes fanatical sign that also symbolizes oil, so it is no surprise that Iran contains one of the worldís largest reserves.  It is also delimited by the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman on the south and by the Caspian Sea on the north (Pisces is a water sign).  Venus is symbolic of wealth and resources so this is another indicator of the countryís great wealth of oil (because Venus is exalted in Pisces) but Saturn opposite Venus indicates that there are restrictions on who they can sell it to and that their refining capacity is limited.  An interesting similarity of Iranís chart with the U.S. birth chart is that both nations have a Mars-Neptune square, meaning that both are self-righteous, idealistic, and believe that their actions are motivated by high moral grounds (when, in reality, both are often hypocritical).

In comparing the U.S. birth chart with Iranís, the Iranian T-square is focused on the position of U.S. Uranus, with the most problematic aspect being Iranís Saturn in a very strong square (less than one degree) to U.S. Uranus.  This means that Iranís conservative, fundamentalist (Saturn) theocratic government is at odds with the U.S. notion of freedom and liberty.  One manifestation of Iranís Saturn in the U.S. 10th house is the attempt of the Iranian government to shift the blame (a typical Saturn tactic) to the U.S. government, saying that the U.S. and other foreign nations fomented the demonstrations after the election.  Iranís Saturn in the U.S. 10th house also means that they fear being controlled by our government.  Given the amount of our debt securities and real estate China owns and controls (my next column will be about Chinaís chart and how it compares with the U.S. chart), China is likely to protect Iran, which is now Chinaís second largest oil supplier.  There are already strong trade links between these countries, the most recent example being a $4.7 billion deal with a Chinese firm to develop an offshore Iranian gas reserve (Reuters, June 3, 2009).

Another interesting set of aspects between Iran and the U.S. chart is Iranís Sun is square the U.S. Sun and Jupiter and Iranís Pluto is conjunct U.S. Saturn and square U.S. Sun.  These aspects are classical signatures of the huge power struggle between these countries.  The U.S. Sun square Iranís Sun means that these governments really donít understand or identify with one another and probably never will.  Iranís Sun squaring U.S. Jupiter means that Iran is not going to make the U.S. government happy and is not going to conform to U.S. morals or laws.  Iranís Pluto squaring U.S. Sun is power struggles, including the conflict over nuclear power/weapons (Pluto).

The Sun-Pluto opposition in Iranís birth chart means that the government (Sun) doesnít tolerate being pushed around by other countries (which is also typical of countries with Sun in Aries) and will do everything necessary to remain in power.  This aspect does not bode well for the government relaxing its tight grip on the populace and it means that Iran is a country and government cloaked in secrecy.  However, it also means that forces (e.g. the political opposition) behind the scenes (Pluto) are at work to undermine governmental control.  What is the likelihood of further uprisings in Iran?  They are inevitable and, although revolution is likely (especially in 2010-2012 when transiting Jupiter is conjunct Iranís Pisces planets and then its Sun; plus Uranus is conjunct Iranís Mars 2009-2011 and its Sun 2011-2013), it is also likely to be bloody and gruesome (because Pluto is closely squaring Iranís Sun 2011-2014).

*Echo is a monthly newspaper about community, the environment, health, cuisine, and spirituality that is distributed in central Virginia.

Printable version (with Iran's chart)
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Gary Brand, Traditional Astrologer
Tallahassee, Florida

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