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by Gary Brand - written September 10, 2009,
published in the October 2009 edition of Echo* newspaper
Chart of Saturn opposite Uranus on November 4, 2008 Chart of the Saturn opposition to Uranus on November 4, 2008 at 8:34 AM in Washington, DC.  It's no coincidence that this was election day and that the first African-American president was elected (because the basic meaning of this opposition is that the forces of change - Uranus - are pitted against the establishment - Saturn).  Isn't it interesting that, in the eastern time zone (and especially in Washington, DC, the location for which this chart was calculated), this chart has Saturn (politicians) conjunct the Midheaven (symbol of government and leaders)?  This means that there was some change (Uranus opposes Saturn and Midheaven) but the election maintained the status quo - the politicians elected still represent corporate lobbyists and special interests rather than the people.  The credit collapse, underway at that time, is indicated by Saturn ruling the 2nd house of credit and wealth.  Jupiter and Moon in that house are no help because Jupiter is in the sign of his fall (like being in a pit and needing rescue) and Moon is very debilitated - in the sign of her detriment, peregrine, and ruler of the 8th house of debt.

Chart of Saturn opposite Uranus on February 5, 2009 Chart of the Saturn opposition to Uranus on February 5, 2009 at 6:00 AM in New York City, New York.  The choice of New York City, the financial capital of the U.S. (although this chart is applicable to most locations in the eastern time zone), as the location for this chart was to illustrate the economic meltdown that is symbolized by this opposition and that was well underway by this date.  Again, the houses in which Saturn and Uranus are located is no coincidence - they are in financial houses.  Uranus in the second house of wealth is particularly ominous and means instability and unpredictability.  Saturn in the 8th house indicates continuing tight credit.  The stock markets reached new lows in early March and all the pundits think that recovery is underway.  The turn around is indicated by the peregrine (disabled) Moon squaring the Saturn-Uranus opposition.  Because the Moon is in the 5th house of speculation, that is the driving force in this temporary upturn.  This chart is not as negative financially and economically as the November chart because the 2nd house of credit and wealth is ruled by Jupiter, which is strong in the 1st house, in his triplicity, and conjunct the north node of the Moon (though weakened by being intercepted).  Venus in the 2nd house is little help because she is in the sign of her detriment and applying to a square with Pluto (though she is also sextile Jupiter, ruler of the 2nd).

Chart of Saturn opposite Uranus on 9-15-2009 Chart of the Saturn opposition to Uranus on September 15, 2009 at 8:50 AM in Tallahassee, Florida (applicable to most locations in the eastern time zone).  This chart of the third exact opposition has Saturn and Uranus in health-related houses.  The swine flu pandemic is in the daily news and, with Uranus in the 6th house of illnesses and infections, the virus is likely to exhibit unexpected behavior and variability.  Saturn in the 12th house of self-undoing and self-destructive behavior (and hospitals) means that we play a role in how debilitating or life-threatening this virus is to each of us (via our diet, weight and health habits).
n the November 2008 edition of Echo newspaper, I explained how the current Saturn opposite Uranus transit was the harbinger of the economic meltdown through which we must all suffer because of the incompetence and greed of those in power in the U.S. government and U.S. corporations (they are virtually one in the same), particularly banks and developers.  Of course, conspicuous consumption also played a significant role in the debacle.  These two giant gas balls, Saturn and Uranus, which are on opposite sides of the Earth now, also play a role in each of our lives as well as impacting the broader cultural, financial constructs.  So I thought it would be instructive to give my readers some examples of how this opposition in the heavens is affecting individuals.  The following examples of how it has impacted individual lives are people with whom I have spoken in just the last month.  Saturn is opposite Uranus from September 2008 through October 2009 and from April through August 2010.  The three charts accompanying this article are calculated for the first three of a total of five moments in time that Saturn and Uranus are exactly opposite each other (the last two are in 2010).

One example is a friend/client with transiting Uranus (its current position in the sky) conjunct the position of Saturn in her chart and her descendant while transiting Saturn crosses her ascendant.  The descendant represents her marriage and her husband of 15 years.  Transiting Uranus on this point means the potential for separation or divorce or leading a different life from the partner.  They recently separated and are filing for a divorce, despite their three children.  Transiting Uranus conjunct her Saturn means that she is feeling very uneasy about her security and the structure of her life (Saturn) because she is currently not earning enough to support herself and she is now a single mom.  Transiting Saturn crossing her ascendant means that she will be working very hard over the next two years (while transiting Saturn is in her first house) and will have to be self-sufficient (she no longer has a mate to help her financially or with the children).  It also means that she is more sensitive to stress and fatigue so she was advised to guard her health and strengthen her immune system.

Another friend has transiting Saturn conjunct the position of Mars in his chart and square the Moon in his first house.  This is a very tiring set of influences and he has been very fatigued, no matter how busy or relaxed he is.  Transiting Uranus is moving through his 4th house, it also squares his Moon, and it is opposite his Mars.  Family members (both women – Moon and 4th house) are unpredictably (Uranus) and stressfully (Saturn) pulling on him in various ways and his wife (also symbolized by the Moon because she is a woman) is in poor health and pushing him to improve his house (Moon).  Money is very tight for him right now and he is taking whatever work he can find but he is feeling very insecure (indicated by transiting Saturn and Uranus both square the Moon in his chart).

Transiting Saturn is opposite the position of the Moon (feelings, comfort, support from others) in the chart of a friend/client, concurrent with transiting Uranus conjunct his Moon.  He has always struggled with depression because he was born with a Moon-Saturn square but he is now on a prescription drug to control it (the Saturn-Uranus opposition has intensified it).  With transiting Uranus conjunct his Moon, he feels like moving to another town, even though such a move would mean more isolation (Saturn and Uranus), which he doesn’t need.

Transiting Saturn has entered the first house of another client and is conjunct the position of Jupiter when he was born.  Jupiter is our inherent “luck” or feelings of “good fortune” but when transiting Saturn conjoins it, we feel like nothing is easy or going well.  He was recently laid off from a good-paying job he liked and had to take a lower paying, subsistence job while he looks for something better.  Whether he finds a better job or not, he will not find the financial security he is looking for in the near future (because of transiting Saturn conjunct his Jupiter and because it will soon conjoin his Moon as well).  He was advised to improve his diet (he described it as “terrible”), because of transiting Saturn (restriction) in his first house of vitality and good health, in order to avoid catching the swine flu.

In the chart of another client, transiting Saturn and Uranus are squaring his Sun so he is going through somewhat of an identity crisis.  He recently quit a job in his profession to move to another state where his wife had accepted a new job.  He has not found a comparable job since the move and has had to settle for temporary jobs where his experience is unused and he earns less money.  He has had to discover new reasons to appreciate himself, despite the job application rejections he receives.  Uranus transiting his 4th house indicates his move to another state (change of residence), while the shift in career direction (and difficulty finding a satisfying new job) is symbolized by transiting Saturn in his 10th house (career).

In my own birth chart, transiting Saturn is opposite the Sun in my 1st house so I have been fatigued and require more sleep than normal, whether I exercise or not.  I have not felt very social (Saturn is isolating and it is transiting my 7th house of relating) and I am more acutely aware of my past mistakes.  I am forced to take greater responsibility (Saturn) for my health (Sun in the 1st house) by improving my diet because my cholesterol and blood sugar levels are borderline high (transiting Saturn is in Virgo - a health and diet sign).  Since my move back to Tallahassee two years ago, I have had to re-establish and re-invent my identity (Sun) and, although I lost clients as a result of moving, I am regaining old clients here from years ago (Saturn).  Transiting Uranus conjunct my Sun has brought out my creative ingenuity and inventiveness with which I discovered the Renaissance astrology books at FSU, redesigned my Web site, and I have begun helping others with their Web sites (design and search engine optimization).

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*Echo is a monthly newspaper about community, the environment, health, cuisine, and spirituality that is distributed in central Virginia.

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Gary Brand, Traditional Astrologer
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