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by Gary Brand - written November 10, 2009,
published in the December 2009 edition of Echo* newspaper
Saturn square Pluto - the chart of the first of three exact squares Saturn square Pluto - the chart for November 15, 2009, the first of three exact squares between these planets.  In a mundane chart like this, the first house represents the people or the public and the placement of Pluto in the first house symbolizes the seething resentment most people are feeling toward the powers in control of corporate America, Congress and Wall Street.  Of further significance is the square of Mars to Venus because Venus rules the 10th house of the president and his administration, while Congress is represented by the 11th house - where Venus is posited and which is ruled by Mars.  All of this indicates a lot of conflict between the president and Congress and between the government (Saturn) and the people (Pluto in the first house).  This chart is calculated for Washington, DC and will be in effect until the next Saturn-Pluto square at the end of January 2010, shown below.

Saturn square Pluto - the chart of the second of three exact squares Saturn square Pluto - the chart for January 31, 2010, the second of three exact squares between these planets.  This chart is calculated for Washington, DC and will be in effect until the next Saturn-Pluto square in August 2010, shown below.

Saturn square Pluto - the chart of the last of three exact squares Saturn square Pluto - the chart for August 21, 2010, the last of three exact squares between these planets.  This chart is calculated for Washington, DC and will be in effect until Saturn moves about 10 degrees out of its square with Pluto in November 2010.

Saturn's moon Mimas half lit showing its largest crater This view of Saturn's moon Mimas as half lit shows the outline of its largest crater, Herschel.  This crater is 80 miles wide, almost one-third of the moon's diameter, and has a central peak, which is visible here on the terminator - the boundary between the illuminated and dark sides.  The image was taken by the Cassini spacecraft on January 16, 2005.  Courtesy of NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute.
 didn’t enjoy writing this because it’s not “uplifting” but those who want the truth should continue reading.  The Saturn-Pluto cycle is 31-37 years in length and begins with their conjunction (when they are both at the same degree and minute in the zodiac).  The last exact conjunction between them was on November 7, 1982 and the cycle that began then will be in effect until the next exact conjunction on January 12, 2020.  From my last article in Echo* newspaper, entitled The Dark Side of the Force: Saturn Square Pluto and U.S. Economic Crises, my readers learned that the waning square of this cycle portends major economic recessions or depressions but there is also a correlation between serious economic downturns and the other hard aspects (conjunction, waxing square, and opposition) between Saturn and Pluto in their current cycle.  The last Saturn-Pluto conjunction was in effect (±10 degrees) from October 1981 through November 1982 – coincident with a recession from July 1981 through November 1982 (when the U.S. unemployment rate reached a peak of 10.8%), and the last Saturn-Pluto opposition, which was in effect from May 2001 through July 2002, coincided with a recession from March through November 2001.  The last waxing Saturn-Pluto square was not concurrent with a recession, which fit the pattern I discovered while researching the correlation between the Saturn-Pluto cycle and U.S. economic crises, in preparation for writing the Saturn Square Pluto and U.S. Economic Crises article.  The current Saturn-Pluto waning square (90 degrees ± 10 degrees) continues, on and off, from November 2009 through August 2011 – but what does this square mean sociologically and in our lives?

The mythology of the Saturn-Pluto relationship is the classic struggle between father (Saturn) and son (Pluto), between the establishment (Saturn) and radicals (Pluto), between resistance to change (Saturn) and irresistible forces of change (Pluto).  In the classic Greek myth, Cronus (Greek for Saturn) swallowed each of his children as they were born, except his last-born son Zeus (Jupiter), who was hidden at birth from his tyrant father.  This story is a metaphor for the father who suppresses the creative self-expression of his children.  In the myth, Saturn felt threatened by his children and was fearful that one of his sons (Pluto, Neptune, and Jupiter) would overthrow his authority as ruler of heaven and earth, which an oracle had foretold.  Hades (Greek for Pluto) was the oldest of Saturn’s three sons and had the most to inherit from his father but, because Saturn was not about to hand over his power to any of his sons, Pluto joined in the fight with his brothers when the 10 year war began between the Titans (led by Saturn) and the Olympians (led by Jupiter).  When Saturn was supreme ruler, he was the lord of death as well as the god of agricultural wealth and prosperity (hence life) but he was supplanted in these functions by his son Pluto after the Titans lost the war.  Interestingly, Pluto is the word for riches and so the current Saturn-Pluto square symbolizes the struggle over the riches of the Earth and the building resentment and polarization between the ever-increasing numbers of poor and working-class people (Saturn) and the relatively tiny number of wealthy people (Pluto) who “own” and control an ever-increasing percentage of the total wealth.  Interesting too, is the association of wealth with the underworld – via Pluto – meaning that accumulation of wealth and power further one’s position in the “underworld” of life but not in the afterlife (where the dead each receive exactly what they deserve, based upon how they live their lives).  Pluto represents the arbiter of justice meted out to human Souls and Saturn represents responsibilities for our past deeds that we either accept or shirk – so their square portends a time of karmic justice and pay-back for past deeds and misdeeds.

A more mundane meaning of this square is little or no time to do what we want.  Instead, our time (Saturn) is spent doing things that are necessary (Saturn) or dictated by others or circumstance (Pluto).  At its worst, this square can be life threatening (both Saturn and Pluto symbolize death) – depending upon how Saturn and Pluto aspect planets in your chart.  A recent example is my wife who, while driving home after work in the dark, suddenly hit a bail of hay flying toward her at 100 MPH that dropped off of the truck of some idiot who was traveling in the opposite direction!  If that bail of hay had struck the windshield of our car, my wife could have been killed by the impact, which was so hard that it completely tore off the driver’s side of the bumper!  In her birth chart, Saturn is currently conjunct and Pluto is square her Sun, Neptune, and Midheaven, which are potential life-threatening aspects.  The 13 murdered and 30 wounded at the Fort Hood army base shooting on November 5 are testimony of the violence inherent in Saturn square Pluto.

The fact that Saturn is now in the sign of Libra is highly significant, since the Saturn-Pluto conjunction that began this cycle in 1982 was also in Libra.  This sign, more than any other, symbolizes relationships of all kinds.  The Saturn-Pluto square will put stress on (the square) and force changes in professional (Pluto in Capricorn) and personal relationships (Saturn in Libra).  Libra is also a financial sign (because it’s ruled by Venus) and, although Saturn is exalted (strong) in Libra, Saturn is a constrictive, contractive influence.  This means not only further contraction of the economy but also of personal wealth.  Once again, I recommend that you move your money from large, national banks to small, local credit unions or banks and sell all your stocks (including retirement accounts) before it’s too late.  This Saturn-Pluto square signifies major monetary (Libra) disruptions (Pluto) and losses (Saturn).  Ironically, the separation and divorce rates may actually decline, but only because such couples are forced by economic circumstances to continue to pool their resources even though the relationship is irreconcilable, yet they can’t individually afford a separation or divorce.  The impact of this square on relationships of workers with corporate authorities is negative and will worsen because many big corporations are so shortsighted that their only way of creating a profit is by laying-off employees (source:  National Public Radio, Marketplace, November 9, 2009).

What kind of hope is contained in this square?  It is the prospect of change.  Economist Harry S. Dent’s book, The Great Depression Ahead, details the positive but painful changes we can expect and affect in the future.

See another article about Saturn square Pluto at:  “The Dark Side of the Force - Saturn Square Pluto and U.S. Economic Crises.”

*Echo is a monthly newspaper about community, the environment, health, cuisine, and spirituality that is distributed in central Virginia.

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