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Slow Global Warming


by Gary Brand - written March 16, 2005,
published in the April 2005 edition of Echo* newspaper
he slow movement (the name is almost an oxymoron) is all about making more conscious choices regarding the pace of our lives.  Sometimes we are forced by circumstances to hurry but more often than not we can decide whether or not we will fill our calendar to the max, or rush everywhere we go, or multitask, etc.  Even our choice of job or profession is a measure of how much we have bought into the cult of speed.  Where has our time gone for gardening, reading, contemplation, observing nature, making crafts, writing letters (a lost art in the age of e-mail), spending time with our children or even sleeping?  I think I've always been part of the slow movement because I can remember that, as a kid, I was often told by my Aries Moon father and my Mars conjunct Moon mother to hurry.  When I was thirty-something and had more stamina, I remember making love for entire afternoons or evenings or even for whole weekends.  Contrast this with a 1994 survey revealing that the average American adult spends a meager half-hour per week sexually engaged and that amount of time has undoubtedly dwindled since 1994.  To offset this kind of time-creep, try doing fewer things and do them at a slower pace.  See if you feel better and have more time and energy for loving and parenting.  My personal objective is to lead a balanced lifestyle and how I conduct my business is an example - I am slow, methodical and verify computer input data when preparing for appointments with clients but I talk and think fast during the appointment to give my clients as much information as possible (and use a computer to calculate charts and forecasts). As promised in my last column, the signs in the Moon's zodiacal semi-arc, from Cancer through Aquarius, follow.  Medieval and Renaissance astrologers considered these signs to be the "terms" of the Moon - signs where she had some standing (strength).  Keep in mind that your birth chart may have two or more planets in two or more signs besides your Sun sign so, if you know what these signs are, read what I have to say about them as well as your Sun sign.  Also, read about the sign on the Ascendant of your chart.  The fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) tend to be naturally more slow-paced than the rest so an abundance of planets in these signs can make you a natural member of the slow club.  Finally, we all have each of the twelve signs somewhere in our birth chart so you can apply the following interpretations to yourself, if you know where they reside in your chart (it helps to learn something about astrology and your birth chart).

Slow Cancer takes the time to cook a meal from scratch for the family, to leisurely take a stroll on the beach, to spend quality time with their children.  Cancers should especially take plenty of time when buying a home or property.  Spend more time doing what feeds your soul and helps you feel cared for and loved.  Cancers are natural slow movement proponents since they are nostalgic, value antiques and want to preserve the environment and historic architecture.

Slow Gemini - hah!  Their mind is always two steps ahead of them - and most others.  They need a sensory deprivation chamber, for their world is one of almost non-stop stream of consciousness, reminiscent of Finnegan's Wake.  Their attention span can be measured in nanoseconds if something takes time to learn.  This is one of the few signs that thrive on speed and constant stimulation.  At least they will slow down sometimes to listen to and interact with others.  Boredom is a big challenge for Gemini so they could learn a lot about slow from Taurus!

Slow Taurus is the artisan carefully and joyfully engaged in some craft - the essence of the slow philosophy.  If it's worth doing, it's worth doing well, which takes time.  This sign is good at being the couch potato and, as such, they can serve as an example for those who hurry through everything.  Taurus loves eating and one tenant of the slow movement is savoring a meal and those brought together by it.  They epitomize the slow life and don't really need further perfecting.  If you know a fast Taurus, there is something else at work in their chart.

Slow Aries is an oxymoron, like make haste slowly!  This sign is always in a hurry and especially wants to hurry everyone around them.  If you can tie up an Aries so they will have to listen to you, they may learn something important - that slowing down or even sitting still can be enlightening and maybe even fun.  Slow movement lessons for this sign are that cooperation can be as engaging as competition and that postponing gratification can be tantalizing.  If you know a slow Aries, there is something else at work in their chart.

Slow Pisces reminds me of the fish pointed upstream on a hot summer day barely swishing its tail, seeming to nearly standstill in a slow, lazy current.  In other words, a blissful state of being, going nowhere.  Too much hurry and time-induced stress will cause this sign to meltdown.  They need the time and freedom to experience things, animals and people fully.  However, this sign can also waste a heck of a lot of time so some structure and scheduling help them remember they need to move on at some point.

Slow Aquarius looks like a hot-air balloon ride (slow but exciting) or a party where people linger in eclectic conversation 'til wee hours of the morning.  They're in no hurry as long as they are intellectually engaged or intrigued but when you see them yawn, they'll soon be out the door.  This sign tends to be work-driven but avoid being clock-driven, Aquarius.  They make perfect advocates for the slow movement because they like anything that flies in the face of convention - and these days speed is the convention.

I also want to mention Mars conjunct Neptune from about April 7-20.  During this time, those with weak or challenged immune systems are advised to protect themselves by eating well, taking immune supporting supplements, getting plenty of sleep, dressing warmly enough, and staying away from those who are sick.  This is not a decisive or confident time so postpone initiating anything important.  Use your energy to help others.

*Echo is a monthly newspaper about community, the environment, health, cuisine, and spirituality that is distributed in central Virginia.
Good Timing and Location are Keys to Success

Gary Brand, Traditional Astrologer
Tallahassee, Florida

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