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by Gary Brand - written February 19, 2004,
published in the March 2004 edition of Echo* newspaper
The spring equinox chart is cast for the moment the Sun enters the sign of Aries, when it is directly over the Earth's equator, and the day it occurs is equal in length to the night (both are 12 hours) all over the planet.  This moment is included in every daily ephemeris (a book that lists the positions of the planets each day), it can occur at any time of the day or night, and the time varies according to the location.  The above chart was erected for March 20, 2004 at 1:50 AM EST, in Charlottesville, Virginia (Gary's residence at that time).
lthough meteorology has been a formal discipline only during recent times, the study of weather, particularly weather prediction, is very old indeed.  Astrological almanacs are familiar weather prognosticators that have been published for centuries but now there are also long-range weather forecasts issued by the U.S. Weather Service, annual tropical storm forecasts and other long-range weather forecasts predicted by various university meteorology departments.  Such latter-day forecasts are based upon historical, electromagnetic, climatic, oceanic and atmospheric data fed into sophisticated, computer-driven models.  But is it really possible to accurately predict the ever-changing, elusive weather more than a few days (or even a few hours sometimes) in advance?  The answer is that it is not only possible to predict weather trends during a particular season, but it is possible to accurately predict the weather years in advance of a particular day or week!  For example, I recently selected the date for an outdoor wedding in June 2005 for a client and predicted that the weather that day will be dry and pleasant.  An astrological "election" is the selection of a date for a future event.  Many of the events for which I have elected dates were held outdoors so good weather was a prime concern.  I have elected dates for dozens (certainly over a hundred) such events during the course of my career and, as far as I know, I have never selected a date for an event that was rained out.  This is not because I'm lucky; it is because it is possible to predict dates when the weather is pleasant, or at least without precipitation.

How is this possible?  It is because an astrological weather chart contains enough specific information about a particular time frame (e.g. a day or a week) to describe the weather.  A chart constructed for the moment that each of the four seasons begins (at a specific location) generally describes the temperature and precipitation of the season (whether above or below normal).  The chart for this spring (shown at left) indicates generally mild, pleasant temperatures in Charlottesville.

A chart for the moment that Mercury enters each sign of the zodiac generally describes subsequent air movements (e.g. windy, stormy, calm).  The chart for Mercury entering Aries on March 12 indicates that the second half of March will be windy, with sudden gusts or squalls at times, or fog on days when the air is still.

Precipitation is predicted from charts calculated for the beginning of each quarter of the lunar cycle (New Moon, First Quarter, Full Moon, Last Quarter) and such charts generally describe the amount and type of precipitation (if any) during the following week.  Research published in the journal Science, CXXXVII (1962) of thousands of rainfall occurrences during a 50 year span that were recorded by over 1,500 U.S. weather stations concluded that precipitation occurs much more frequently 3-5 days after both New and Full Moon than at any other times during the monthly lunar cycle (M.G., p. 64 (1982)).  Interestingly, during weeks when precipitation occurs, the Moon is in or reaches an angular house in the chart of a New or Full moon (producing precipitation) typically 1-5 days after the New or Full Moon.  Even the positions of the planets on a particular day (especially the Moon) indicate what the weather was, is or will be like (hot vs. cold, dry vs. wet, calm vs. windy).  I use these predictive weather techniques to pick dates for activities like camping and hiking, day trips, hosting parties, moving, and anything else dependent upon or affected by the weather.

Here are some other influences in March 2004.  From March 21 - April 2, Mars squares Uranus:  surprise, surprise!  Mars, by his nature, will energize and perturb Uranus, turning this period into one of upheaval, surprises, excitement, and disruptions.  Freedom and rebellion are keywords for this period.  Creative energies are high, but so is impulsiveness and we are more easily distracted.  If you need to make changes or liberate yourself, do it before the situation becomes intolerable.  This aspect can be explosive when subconscious needs have been suppressed or stifled too long.  If someone explodes at you, look for the metaphor - are you about to explode about something or do you need to break with something or someone?  This aspect is accident prone but only if you are ignoring the need for excitement, stimulation and change in your life.  If you have recently made important changes, this transit will likely test the new choices you have made through an unexpected turn of events.

Venus is trine Jupiter March 14 - 19 so this is likely to be a joyous and fun period - throw a tofu Bar-B-Q or garden party.  This is a great time to raise a barn or spend time with friends.  From March 16 - 21, Venus square Neptune is a time for meditation or a romantic escape to the beach with your sweetie.  But don't let your imagination about your partner or others in your life run wild.  Spiritually, the challenge during this period is to face your delusions and disappointments, be honest with those you love, make amends to those you have hurt, help those who need help, and avoid financial investments.

*Echo is a monthly newspaper about community, the environment, health, cuisine, and spirituality that is distributed in central Virginia.
Good Timing and Location are Keys to Success

Gary Brand, Traditional Astrologer
Tallahassee, Florida

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