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by Gary Brand - written January 8, 2002,
published in the February 2002 edition of Echo* newspaper

Composite of radar images of the surface of Venus, taken
by the Magellan spacecraft. Hemispheric composite of radar images of the surface of Venus centered at 0 degrees east longitude and color-coded to represent elevation (blue and green areas are low elevation).  Taken by the Magellan spacecraft.  Courtesy of NASA/JPL/USGS.
h, Venus.  What would we do without Venus, that archetype of love, romance, joy, pleasure and companionship.  Venus is that part of us that wants to be next to our lover, that enjoys savoring a meal with a close friend and that wants to please our sweetheart on Valentines Day.  The Venus of myth exuded an aura of both seduction and grace.  She filled women's hearts with consuming passion and easily allured men and gods with her beauty and charm.  We each have this archetype in us that demands our attention, whether in the bedroom, on the dance floor or doing whatever brings us great pleasure.  Venus takes her joy in the fifth house so if you were born with Venus in this house, you have the heart of a romantic.  What is this love potion we call romantic love?  Is it finding our "soul mate" or is this modern notion an illusion, a disguise for dependent, addictive love?  Many a tale, from Tristan and Isolda to Romeo and Juliet, tell of lovers whose hearts are so entwined that they could not find happiness except in one another's arms and were quite miserable or could not continue living with the agony of being apart.  Frankly, I don't ever want to be in romantic love at that price.  Do you?

Do we need a "soul mate" or even a partner to feel joy, pleasure and happiness?  Of course not!  In fact, if we can experience what the Venus of our inner being has to offer in all of her wonderful, joyous symbolism, then we bring much more to a relationship than if we feel incomplete without a mate.  Two whole people with fulfilling lives make a whole relationship but two people who feel only half complete without a partner do not equal a whole when united - they are merely two needy halves. Granted, loneliness is an issue when we don't have a relationship and sometimes we even trick ourselves into believing that we are in a relationship when we really aren't.  Unrequited love is no picnic but it certainly is a symptom of that old romantic bug.  The Greeks and Romans blamed this affliction on Cupid or Eros (a companion, or some say a son of Venus), especially when he cruelly and intentionally neglected to shoot both lovers with his amorous arrows.  When you just can't get your lover out of your mind and you long to be with them, you've got the romantic bug of addictive, dependent love.  And it is like an affliction - it feels like the only remedy is your lover's presence or attention.  So what is the cure?  A healthy dose of happiness, joy, passion for life and the pursuit of whatever pleasures turn you on that don't require a partner (or some substance like chocolate or a drug).

But isn't Valentines Day all about partnership?  In today's world, it's more about consumerism than love.  Real love expresses itself daily, not one day of the year.  Valentines Day should be a day of love, not just for that special partner in our lives, but for everyone and everything that brings us joy, pleasure and happiness, or makes us laugh out loud or brings feelings of elation and exuberance.  Whatever you do, remember to enjoy!

*Echo is a monthly newspaper about community, the environment, health, cuisine, and spirituality that is distributed in central Virginia.
Good Timing and Location are Keys to Success

Gary Brand, Traditional Astrologer
Tallahassee, Florida

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