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A Window to Your Future

The one year forecast Gary provides is primarily based upon current and future planetary movements (termed transits) and their angular relationships (called aspects) to the positions of the planets when you were born.  The computer generates a list of transits of the five slowest planets (Jupiter through Pluto) and of secondary progressions.  Then, drawing on more than 2½ decades of experience and study, Gary interprets this list and answers your questions.  The techniques he uses, inspired by traditional, European Renaissance astrology, have existed for centuries and are among the most powerful tools available for forecasting individual life conditions.

Cost:  this forecast is conveyed during a one hour appointment and costs $99 (no charge for Gary's preparation time).  If you want a one-half hour appointment (that covers a six month period but is not as detailed and individually taylored as a six month forecast), the cost is $50.  Other increments of time are available as well (in whole month periods), with a four-month ($33) minimum - ask Gary about these.  If you want a recording and you choose a session of less than 45 minutes duration, $5.00 will added to the fee to cover the cost of the tape, padded mailer, and postage.

Your forecast gives you a definite edge.  Wouldn't you make more enlightened choices by knowing, in advance, the meaning and timing of planetary influences that will affect you?  It is a wonderful tool for knowing when to relocate, look for romance, make career changes, start a business, travel, return to school, purchase or sell a home, etc.  A forecast can answer most questions you have about timing and it can tell you when difficult periods will ease or end.

Each of the planets has a cycle in relation to the positions of the planets when you were born.  The Sun is the only body that aspects each planet in your birthchart at the same time every year.  All other transiting aspects are cyclical but not on a regular basis.  The four slowest planets retrograde, or appear to move backwards in the zodiac, once a year.  Thus, they repeat the same aspect in two or three stages, each with a different meaning.  Because their orbits are so large and they move so slowly, aspects of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto occur only once or twice in an average lifetime, last for 1½-3 years, and represent spiritual challenges and opportunities.  Aspects that transiting Jupiter and Saturn make to the planets in your birth chart occur on a regular but infrequent basis.

The planets do not compel, they impel.  We are born with free will and we determine our own fate but the planets do affect us in a variety of ways, depending on the significance of each planet in our birth chart.  On the other hand, don't depend exclusively on a forecast for advice.  Seek other sources of insight too.

Astrological timing is close to an exact science but predicting human behavior is not.  As in a weather or economic forecast, many variables (including free will) make all kinds of outcomes possible.  But unlike the weather or the economy, the choices you make can change your life.  When you know what's ahead, you can turn difficult times to your advantage, spiritually grow through periods that test you, recreate yourself when needed, and expand your opportunities to their fullest potential.

Astrology is a symbolic language and astrologers are its translators.  You will hear Gary name planetary influences and themes and then translate them using words like energies, tendencies, potentials, urges, and feelings.  The more a theme is repeated, the stronger its impact in your life and the more likely an event associated with it will occur.  Gary synthesizes the most significant aspects and combines them into an over-all probability picture.  This is a distinct advantage over computer-generated forecast interpretations.  Future events may occur exactly as Gary described them but you may also have to adapt what he said to your circumstances at the time.  Whether you are familiar with the astrological terms Gary uses or not, he includes them because he often refers to a particular influence more than once and it is easier for him to attach an astrological "tag" to them than to repeat their meaning over and over again.

Your forecast contains three types of dates.  The term "peak date" is a specific date on which the effect of a planetary aspect is usually maximized.  If an event occurs, it will often be on or very near this date.  However, the faster planets typically modify the timing of experiences associated with peak dates of slower planet aspects.  The influences in your forecast are usually covered in chronological order by peak date or period.  When the peak date for an influence is not mentioned, it occurs before or after the period your forecast covers.

These dates generally indicate the period when an influence is present.  However, planetary aspects don't turn on or off like a light switch on particular dates.  Instead, they move into and out of alignment over variable periods of time based on the speed of the planet and other factors.  Begin and end dates result from aspect thresholds, called orbs, that Gary has chosen based on general parameters and his decades of experience.  A planetary influence may affect you before or after these dates because of your individual sensitivity or the significance of a particular planet in your birth chart.  When a begin date for an aspect is not mentioned, the onset of the period of strongest influence began before your forecast period.  If an end date is not given, the period of strongest influence extends beyond the period your forecast covers.  Frequently, time frames of different influences overlap because astrology is a reflection of the complexity of life.  We often must contend with multiple, concurrent, and sometimes conflicting experiences and feelings.  Some of the dates included in your forecast could be inaccurate if the time of birth you provided Gary is not the actual time you were born.

  • "Thanks tremendously for all the time you took with me yesterday.  I really appreciate that because I really needed it.  I knew that to begin with, but it was reinforced by my hearing things put much more clearly....  Just knowing that time isn't of the essence as I thought it was has relieved the sense of urgency..."   Ray, Florida

  • "All of your predictions are right on target, so far.  It amazes me how accurate and precise you are."  Elizabeth, Colorado

  • "Thank you for your valuable insight into my future.  Keep up the good work."  Chuck, Texas

  • "I want to thank you for the session.  The information you imparted will be very helpful I'm sure.  I'm excited about what lies ahead!  Gratefully," Lois, Florida

  • "Your forecast for June was certainly on target.  It has been an interesting month.  A little 'testie' at times but rewarding"  Ed, Texas

  • "Well, your predictions about love in my life were right.  I've met someone wonderful and am feeling a tug on my heart..."  Fran, Florida

  • "Thanks a million for a deep reading of my current status as evolving being!!  I really felt the truth of this cycle and look forward to enacting the possibilities."  Katie, Florida

  • "Thanks so much for the insights to the year 2000 question.  I also want to thank you for everything - your research has cleared up many, many things for me."  Linda, Florida

  • "Everything, one by one, that you said and/or predicted has come true or has revealed the shadow of its future coming."  Roberta, South Carolina

  • "Dear Gary - Just a note to thank your for my reading.  Things have gone just as you shared in my reading.  It was empowering to have a bit of awareness about possible events.  You mentioned that my job would cause me to travel.  I leave for the South Pacific coast of Mexico in March....  My two year conflict ended.  You said it would, but the energy would have to come from me.  I forgave this person, and two days later an apology came in the mail, totally unsolicited....  I could go on but just wanted you to know how much I appreciated your service.  It has really opened me up."  Charles, Florida

  • "Your [forecasts] are the springboard to my success - empowering me by enabling me to sidestep difficulties and take advantage of hidden opportunities."  Donna, Oregon

  • "I hope to consult you for more of your services.  Your last forecast was so correct."  Rita, New York
To make your forecast among the best available, Gary is learning traditional Renaissance astrology principles practiced and taught by the great masters of that period.  He also encourages feedback from clients, which helps him improve and fine-tune this work in the future.  A number of clients have told Gary that they "...have had forecasts from other Astrologers but yours are the best because they are specific, accurate, and very helpful."
Good Timing and Location are Keys to Success

Gary Brand, Traditional Astrologer
Tallahassee, Florida

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