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Being in the right town, city, or county can be just as important as being in the right career or having the right partner.  Comparisons between your birth chart and the birth charts of cities, towns, or counties of interest to you provide a specific and detailed method of anticipating your happiness after relocating.  Yes, locations (cities, towns, counties) have birth charts just like people.  Gary has conducted extensive research to find municipal and county birth dates and he has amassed an extensive collection of them (see the CitiesDatabank™ page for specifics about his research on the subject).  Whether you have a short list of cities to which you are potentially interested in relocating, or you are only interested in which suburb of a particular big city would be best for you, or you are interested only in cities or towns within a particular range of population, he can help you find the best city for you (and your partner or children) using your parameters.  Examples of areas of your life affected by a particular city's birth chart and how happy (or challenged) you would be by living there include, but are not limited to:
  • What your career, personal goals, aspirations, and relationship with boss(es) will be like.  If you own a business, how successful your business will be and to what extent it will prosper.
  • Your happiness with your home life and living circumstances and what to watch our for when purchasing real estate in that city.
  • How your intimate relationships will be impacted, your potential for meeting a good partner and for finding good professionals to consult.
  • Whether your self-esteem and self-confidence will be enhanced or hindered.
  • The city's impact on your finances, earning capacity, and future development of your talents and abilities.
  • Whether it will be easy or difficult to meet and make friends there, whether you will have many or few, and the quality of those relations.
  • The quality of your spiritual life and experiences in the city.
  • To what extent you will enjoy your work and what kinds of experiences you will have with coworkers and/or employees.
  • What impact the city will have on your health or health problems.
  • How much joy and "good fortune" you will find there and how much (or little) emphasis you will place on quality time with your children, pleasurable pursuits, vacations, and hobbies.
Searches of a database of cities are also available to help you identify those cities likely to enhance your success and happiness (view the list of cities - although Gary has birth dates for many more cities than are listed in some states).  You select the criteria for these searches (such as success and advancement in your career, finding a good partner, or increasing your earnings).  However, these lists are quite lengthy and are based upon only one planetary influence so your own list of cities is a far better basis for a location analysis.  A fee of $50 is due in advance for searches of the cities database.

Cost is based on the length of time Gary spends on preparing for your appointment and depends upon the number of cities, towns or counties with which you want your birth chart compared.  The fee is calculated at the rate of $1.66 per minute and is for Gary's preparation time (in excess of 15 minutes) as well as the time he spends talking with you.

Good Timing and Location are Keys to Success

Gary Brand, Traditional Astrologer
Tallahassee, Florida

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