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Your birth chart is a blueprint of your personality traits and potentials.  This in-depth analysis offers insights into the inner workings of your psyche, describing both individual uniqueness and complexity.  Confirming or revealing your most important personal/spiritual issues, the analysis enhances your self-appreciation and sharpens your awareness of life goals, missions and purposes.  This makes a wonderful gift to yourself, a friend, or parents of a new-born with benefits that last for years to come.  An accurate time of birth from a documented source is required for this analysis!  If your time of birth is not from a documented source or is unknown to you, read "How to Find Your Birth Time."

Cost:  the minimum, one-quarter hour appointment is $25, a 30 minute appointment is $50, 45 minutes cost $75, and 60 minutes cost $99.  The fee for an appointment lasting any number of minutes between the above times or more than an hour is calculated at the rate of $1.66 per minute.  For example, if the total time of your session is 37 minutes, the fee is computed by multiplying $1.66 times 37 = $61 (rounded up or down to the nearest U.S. dollar).  See the fee schedule for other incremental appointment lengths from which you can choose.

  • "Thanks so much for the great, upbeat reading.  It helped me see things in a whole new light, and far surpassed my expectations of what I had hoped to get....  It was an unexpected surprise to see myself so clearly through someone else's eyes."  Gary, Georgia
  • "Dear Gary - Everyone in my household is very impressed with your ability and how right on you were about all of us.  We are still digesting the whole thing but David in particular (skeptical but open-minded mathematician) was totally won over with regard to astrology.  Carrie [her daughter] and I were both believers to begin with but Carrie said, 'Wow, he knew me as well as I knew myself and he doesn't even know me.'  Let us know if you ever need a recommendation, we're sold."  Sheryl, Virginia
  • "I deeply appreciate our friendship and the insights you have given me.  From my last reading, I am looking at my fears and seeing if I can face them head on!  What a challenge it is."  Erwin, Florida
  • "Thanks so much for the great reading and insight into my personality and psyche."  Andrea, North Carolina
  • "... I wanted to let you know just how much the reading helped....  I chose you to do this reading because I needed honesty and directness.  That's something that many Astrologers I know are not really capable of because of their own issues.  I knew you would be direct....  I am just now working on the issue of being my own worst enemy....  I'm glad you brought it up, because you also brought up hope for something better."  Ann, an Astrologer in Arizona
  • "While I naturally expected an analysis and explanation of my horoscope, I did not anticipate the counseling you provided along with key astrological points.  I was particularly impressed with your sensitivity, your insight into human nature and your willingness to point out sides of myself I would otherwise not have noticed.  In my field, I have had the privilege of working with a number of counselors and therapists and just wanted you to know you are right up there with the best of them."  Elizabeth, a college professor in Florida
Good Timing and Location are Keys to Success

Gary Brand, Traditional Astrologer
Tallahassee, Florida

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