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This service is a popular alternative to a more in-depth, one year or six month personal forecast.  It serves as an overview or an abbreviated and general but often very specific look at current and upcoming planetary influences, called transits, in your birth chart.  This service is tailored to your customized, individual needs.  Examples of what Gary's clients have requested include:
  • The near future potential for a job promotion.
  • Periods for promoting your business.
  • The potential for selling or buying your residence.
  • The potential for a move in the near future.
  • The planetary transits at a particular time, like departing on or returning from a potential trip.
  • This service will answer the question of whether or not to go on a trip during a specific time, undergo elective surgery, apply for a job, marry, discuss something important with your partner, etc., on a specific date.  See also Gary's service called electional astrology, whereby he selects the best date within your time frame for these kinds of activities.
  • The significance of planetary transits on the day of a major event in your life (this can include an interpretation of a chart of the event itself too).
  • Times when the influences of the slow-moving planets are activated or "triggered" by the faster planets.
  • Periods when the potential for accidents or illness is increased.
Cost:  the minimum, one-quarter hour appointment is $25, a 30 minute appointment is $50, 45 minutes cost $75, and 60 minutes cost $99.  The fee for an appointment lasting any number of minutes between the above times or more than an hour is calculated at the rate of $1.66 per minute.  For example, if the total time of your session is 37 minutes, the fee is computed by multiplying $1.66 times 37 = $61 (rounded up or down to the nearest U.S. dollar).  See the fee schedule for other incremental appointment lengths from which you can choose.  If you want a recording and you choose a session of less than 45 minutes duration, $5.00 will added to the fee to cover the cost of the tape, padded mailer, and postage.

Processing of color filtered images brings out Uranus' atmosphere. This false-colored image taken by Voyager 2 brings out Uranus' atmosphere.  The green indicates what is possibly an area of concentrated smog over the pole, which is just left of the center of the image.  Courtesy of NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute.
Good Timing and Location are Keys to Success

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