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The dates that Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn return to their position in your birth chart hold significance for the symbolism that each of these planets represent.  The period of time between these returns vary significantly based on planetary speed.  Venus returns pertain to your relationships, romance, money, and popularity and occur every 10 or 14 months.  Mercury returns pertain to your intellect, organization, memory, and writing and occur every 11-13 months.  Mars returns occur every 25-26 months and pertain to initiating projects, acting on desires, forging ahead, and exercising your drive and will.  Jupiter returns only occur every 12 years and pertain to your spiritual and cultural development and evolution.  Saturn returns are very significant because they last, on and off, for a year and signify self-assessment, maturation, and a review of life accomplishments, goals, aspirations, successes and failures.  A rare event, your Saturn return occurs only at an interval of about every 29 years.  An accurate time of birth from a documented source is required to calculate a return chart for any of these planets.  If you cannot find such a source for your time of birth, see the article "How to Find Your Time of Birth."  The return chart of any of the above planets is examined in the context of ongoing and upcoming influences (transits) in your birth chart.  A fundamental difference between a planetary return and other types of forecasts is that the former are static snapshots in time and the only time line they include is the length of time until the next return of the planet upon which they are based, compared to the six month forecast and the one year forecast, which do include time frames for planetary influences impacting upon your birth chart.  A brief interpretation of the return chart for Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter or Saturn can also be combined with a brief interpretation your solar return chart.

Cost:  the minimum, one-quarter hour appointment is $25, a 30 minute appointment is $50, 45 minutes cost $75, and 60 minutes cost $99.  The fee for an appointment lasting any number of minutes between the above times or more than an hour is calculated at the rate of $1.66 per minute.  For example, if the total time of your session is 37 minutes, the fee is computed by multiplying $1.66 times 37 = $61 (rounded up or down to the nearest U.S. dollar).  See the fee schedule for other incremental appointment lengths from which you can choose.  If you want a recording and you choose a session of less than 45 minutes duration, $5.00 will added to the fee to cover the cost of the tape, padded mailer, and postage.

Good Timing and Location are Keys to Success

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