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This analysis explains the attraction, interactive dynamics and complexities of a specific personal relationship.  It is a valuable tool for assessing long-term potential of a romantic or business partnership and shows inherent strengths and weaknesses.  It includes what each person wants, needs and seeks from a partner.  It is also a practical tool for understanding the nature of a parent-child or other significant relationship.  Interpretation of your wedding chart and two other charts that further describe the relationship are optional and available only during a one hour or longer appointment.  Although the surface of the planet Venus (see photo at right) is very inhospitable to human relationships, Venus is a primary symbol of relationships in a birth chart so it is a key indicator of how compatable (or incompatable) two people are.

Cost:  the minimum, one-half hour appointment is $50, 45 minutes cost $75, and 60 minutes cost $99.  The fee for an appointment lasting any number of minutes between the above times or more than an hour is calculated at the rate of $1.66 per minute.  For example, if the total time of your session is 37 minutes, the fee is computed by multiplying $1.66 times 37 = $61 (rounded up or down to the nearest U.S. dollar).  See the fee schedule for other incremental appointment lengths from which you can choose.  If you want a recording and you choose a session of less than 45 minutes duration, $5.00 will added to the fee to cover the cost of the tape, padded mailer, and postage.

Computer-generated, simulated color view of the surface of
Venus, showing two volcanoes. Computer-generated, three-dimensional, simulated-color view of the surface of Venus, from data collected by the Magellan spacecraft.  Gula Mons, the volcano on the right horizon is 1.8 miles high and Sif Mons, the volcano on the left horizon, is 1.2 miles in height.  The atmosphere is not shown in this depiction, hence the black background.  Courtesy of NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute.
Good Timing and Location are Keys to Success

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